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Why On-Demand Delivery Apps Are So Much In Demand?

632 Views | 6 min | September 19, 2021
on-demand delivery app development

We all have used on-demand delivery apps, at times for ordering food online, placing orders for fresh groceries, scheduling cabs, etc. These on-demand delivery apps made our life very easy and comfortable. 

Nowadays, no one has time to wait, therefore these on-demand delivery apps are ruling the market and fulfilling the user’s urgent needs.

We all know that today’s generation is very restless, they want their demand to be fulfilled at that very moment. That is why app developers are also restless and developing amazing on-demand delivery apps that can help today’s fast-moving people. 

If you are also restless for your business and want an amazing app for your business? Then do reach us and discuss your app development idea with us.

What Do Stats Say About The On-Demand Delivery Apps Market?

Now, before you start any business it is very important to know about it, in and out. Without proper research, any business can’t offer you desired results. Therefore, here we will discuss the market and demand of delivery apps. That will help you to better understand your app development approach and business. 

stats of on-demand delivery app

On-demand delivery apps are used very frequently by users as compared to other apps. This is because on-demand apps fulfill the daily requirement of the users as we discussed above ( like food delivery, grocery delivery, mil delivery, etc.)  

The on-demand delivery apps have a very promising future because the population is continuously increasing and with that the need of the individual. And to fulfill the demand of such a huge population the apps are the best way to do it.

In further paragraphs, we have discussed the market and stats of many on-demand delivery apps. Read the complete blog for more information and research.

However, there is tough competition among on-demand apps in the market but you need to accept or execute the right strategy for your on-demand delivery app. So that you can cover this tough market competition easily. 

Impact of Covid-19 On Delivery Apps

The covid-19 phase was something that no one has ever imagined. Only online services were active and nothing else. This was the time when on-demand delivery apps got into the global market very aggressively. 

impact of covid-19 on delivery business

During Covid – 19 many apps earned good revenues and gathered a huge user-base easily because of their quality services. Even now when things are getting back to normal, the delivery apps are doing very well in the market. Their demand is still high. 

The market for on-demand delivery app is really good and it will show a great hike in the next few years. 

Pandemic might be bad for many but it’s been a good time for digitalization and mobile app development business. If the technology and app development companies won’t be there then it would have been difficult to develop amazing apps. Which helped to survive the lockdown period. E-wallet apps like PayPal, e-learning apps like Byju’s, grocery delivery app like Grofers and Postmate, etc are of great help to humankind during a pandemic. And mobile app development companies have worked well to fulfill the demand of the market and users. 

Still, the few cases of Covid-19 are there, which means the disease is not eradicated. Therefore, it is necessary to take full precautions while working. That is why it is necessary to follow few steps to avoid the spread of the infection. 

Best you can do for your on-demand business and for the entire human race after covid – 19 just by following these simple steps. Make your on-demand business grow even more but keep that in mind the safety is the prime for everyone. 

  • Provide quality services to customers
  • Make sure your workers or employees associated with your business are healthy and have no symptoms of infection.
  • Make sure every person related to your business follows the guidelines of WHO.
  • Your drivers and employees should wear masks, use sanitizer and take all the necessary measures to avoid the spread of any sort of infection
  • Take care that all your employees are vaccinated and are healthy to carry on the delivery services.

Industries of On-Demand Delivery App

The On-Demand delivery apps cannot be limited to a certain industry. It is very wide and you can choose the idea of on-demand delivery app development as per your wish. Below we have mentioned a few types of on-demand delivery apps read about them, and choose the best for your business.

industries of on-demand delivery app

Food Delivery 

There are many food delivery apps available on Google Play Store. App like Swiggy, GrubHub are some of the best examples of food delivery apps.

As per the Statista report, it is expected that the online food delivery segment will generate a revenue of US $449, 292 million by 2025

Post covid if you are thinking about getting into food delivery services or apps, then you need to be very attentive. You must make sure that your driver, delivery person, registered restaurants all are safe for your customers. And you take complete measures to ensure the safe delivery of the food to the customers. In case of any liberation or casualty, you might have to pay huge penalties or your app may lose recognition in the market. So be careful with your food delivery services.


Healthcare or pharma delivery services are also too much in demand nowadays. If you planning to develop a healthcare or pharma app then you can go for this. You just need to work as per the HIPAA act. The HIPAA policies are very important to abide by when you are working for the healthcare industry. 

Now, let’s talk about the healthcare industry and what is the growth rate of this industry. It is estimated that the healthcare market will grow over $11 Billion by 2025

On-demand pharma or medicine delivery app development has got wings after covid – 19 and still ruling the market very strongly. Get a free demo today for better app development ideas

Taxi Booking

Another, one of the most demanding services among users. On-demand taxi booking apps are trending in the app development business. The taxi booking app does not require too advanced features and can be built at affordable rates. If you want to know about the future of taxi booking apps then click here.  

Cake Delivery Service

In this busy life, it is very difficult to remember anything and it feels very bad when we forget any special day. And when we want to book a special cake for a special occasion. But with cake delivery apps this problem can be taken care of.

With cake delivery apps you can book cake online and can never miss the chance to celebrate your special days in better ways, anytime. Ferns and Petals is one of the best on-demand cake and gift delivery app. If you are planning to develop such an amazing app then you can hire the best app development company that can provide the best services at affordable rates.

Flower Delivery Service

One of the latest demands of the users, online flower delivery app. During this lockdown, we can’t our loved ones but we can send them lovely fresh flowers through an online flower delivery app. 

Fresh flowers can relax and correct anyone’s mood. Sometimes what a flower can do, even words can’t do. Therefore, the on-demand flower delivery app is also on the list of best on-demand delivery app.   

Build a flower or gift delivery app with great features from the best mobile app development company.

Milk Delivery Service

Milk is the basic requirement of every house. And during the lockdown, it was very difficult to buy milk. The demand for packed milk was so high that stores go out of stock. But, if people can get access to the milk delivery apps then they can order milk anytime. 

The demand for milk delivery is high in the market. If you have any business ideas regarding the milk delivery app you may reach us for more help and guidance.

Grocery Delivery Service

We all must have used an on-demand grocery delivery app for ordering fresh groceries, especially during the lockdown period. After the Pandemic days, the grocery delivery business has raised very nicely and managed to generate unbelievable revenue. 

As per the Statista report, it is expected that the online grocery market will generate a revenue of 187.7 billion US Dollars by 2024. It can be very clear to you now that grocery delivery app development is a great business choice if you are planning to invest your money in mobile app development.

If you have any unique ideas for an on-demand delivery service then you can contact a mobile app development company and can discuss your plan with them.

help for on-demand delivery app development

Essential Features For Any On-Demand Delivery App

You can’t imagine an app without features. An app is developed but if it does not have features, then how users would access the app. Therefore, always try to add simple yet effective features to your app. That can fulfill the requirement of your users whether it is for admin, driver, or consumers. 

As a beginner, you don’t have to add as many features to the app, just go with these basic features and get your app designed in no time. 

features of on-demand delivery app

  • Registration
  • Push notification
  • Online payment
  • Search Category 
  • Delivery scheduling
  • GPS tracking

Cost Required To Build On-Demand Delivery App

Again, capital is also very important for an app development plan. So, you need to decide the cost required to build an on-demand delivery app. As, the development process of on-demand delivery apps is a little complex depending upon the different users (Admin, driver, customer). However, if we conclude everything then you need near about $70,000 for developing an on-demand delivery app with all the advanced features that can cater to the need of your users and can compete with the market competition.

Final Words

If you have money to invest then it is better to invest in something good. Therefore we come up with this great idea of an on-demand delivery app development. Which helps you to earn and grow in the market with grace. 

There are several on-demand delivery services, you can choose from, depending upon your budget and targeted audience. Get in touch with us to discuss your app development plan and let us take it to new heights.

best on-demand delivery app developers

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