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Uber eats Clone App Development With Cost Estimation

702 Views | 5 min | July 13, 2021
Uber eats clone app development

Are you surprised with the growing business of food delivery apps? Users get connected to any food delivery app so quickly as if these apps are offering food for free. 

Well, whatsoever the reason is but this industry has shown tremendous growth in the past few years.

If we talk about uber eats then it is one of the finest food delivery apps. If you are planning to invest your money in uber eats clone app development then you must go for it.

Uber eats is one of the leading food delivery apps and many are planning to develop an app similar to it.  

If you have your own food delivery business and want to bring it online. Then our food delivery app development solutions can help you to build an uber eats clone app.

In this blog, we have mentioned everything that one should know before starting uber eats clone app development.


Why Ubereats Clone App Development Is a Good Business Option

The main reason for the success of this food delivery app is convenience. Users can order food any time, can select from various restaurants and can make choices from different cuisines. All these factors are responsible for why people prefer to use food delivery apps so much. Also why apps like uber eats are so popular among users.

There are many food delivery apps, like Zomato, Grub hub, DoorDash, etc, offering services in many cities and countries. These apps have a great fan following worldwide.


By 2020 it was recorded that the global revenue for food delivery apps was US $248 bn and it is expected to reach the US $449 bn by 2021.

These data clearly states that the food delivery industry is going to grow beautifully in the coming future. Therefore investing your money in food delivery app development won’t be wrong and it will be worth spending for Ubereats clone app. 

develop an uber eats clone app

What Are The Key Features of Uber eats Clone App

Features that will help your app become even more popular among users are mentioned below.

The features have the power to make your app more attractive. Below we have mentioned features for every need, read carefully:

uber eats clone app for every needs

For Admin Panel

  • Database Management

It helps manage every information of the registered restaurants, clients, and several delivery agents through mobile apps.

  • Customer Management

Admin can also take account of every buyer. They can check the buyer’s order details, date and time of the order placed, number of orders placed by them, etc.

  • Restaurant Management

Admin can add new restaurant details and can remove the old ones or nonfunctional ones.  

  • Offer Management

Can provide offers and discounts, can also allow deals from the restaurant’s side.

  • Revenue Management

It helps manage the payments made by customers, received by restaurants, and payments received by delivery agents.

  • Feedback Management

Admin can manage the feedback or reviews from the users, comments provided by delivery agents and restaurants.

  • Notification to Users

Manage the app notification, SMS, emails for the customers, delivery agents, and restaurants.

For Customers

  • Secure Login

Through this, customers can immediately log in to the app and can avail the services.

  • Search Restaurant

Find the restaurants nearby or by depending on the different locations, cuisines, timings, etc. 

  • Check Menu

Allow customers to explore the restaurant menu online so that they can make the desired choice.

  • Place The Order

By selecting the best restaurant customer can later place the order.

  • Cart

Customers can also save their favorite restaurant or food in the cart for a future order.

  • Push Notification

Users can get notifications of the order delivery, order confirmation, payment, any new offers or vouchers through this push notification feature.

  • Secured Payment Mode

Allow customers to make payments through different modes depending upon their convenience.

  • Track Order

Customers can track their orders through GPS.

  • Provide Review

Customers can provide their feedback or review for the order or the restaurant.

  • Promos and Codes

With the help of promos and codes, customers can get discounts on their orders.

For Restaurants

  • Create Profile

Restaurants can create their profile for the customers with the help of this feature.

  • Order Notification

Can receive the notifications for the order placed by customers.

  • Customize Menu

Provide the entire information of the menu for the customers. 

  • Order and Delivery Management

Manage the order placed by the customer and received by the delivery agent from the restaurant. 

  • Track Order History

Track the number of orders placed by the customers, where it is delivered, etc.

  • Customer Details

Information of the customers received by the restaurant to confirm or cancel the order. 

  • Answer Feedback

Manage the feedback and reviews provided by the customers.

  • Provide Offers

Vouchers or occasional discounts are offered to the customers by the restaurants.

For Delivery Agents

  • Profile Creation

Create your profile for the customers and restaurants reference. 

  • Order Details

Manage the order details like the restaurant from where the delivery agent has to pick the order and the details of the customer where you have to deliver the order.

  • Delivery Location Details

Get the details of the customer’s location for quick and easy delivery.

  • Confirm Availability

Delivery agents can confirm their availability after the completion of the previous order.

  • Notification

Manage notification of the order, delivery status, customer’s review, etc.

Steps Involved in Uber eats Clone App Development

Once you are ready and finalized your budget for uber eats clone app development. Now it is time to pay attention to even more important details. The App development process is not easy. You need to hire experts to ease your way. 

Below we have mentioned a step-wise guide to help you how you should plan your uber eats clone app development process:

steps for uber eats clone app development

Work on Food Delivery Idea

Plan your food delivery app as per your budget. If you have to start this uber eats clone app business. Then it will be good if initially, you start your business in a limited area. Take orders from limited areas and later as per the order rate you increase your reach as well. 

In the beginning, try to understand the behavior of the nearby users. Then according to that, expand your business in different locations.

Hire a Team of Developers

When you finally decide your target audience and locations, now it is time to hire a technical team for uber eats clone app development. 

The technical stack includes testers, developers, and designers. When they all work in coordination then a successful app is developed.   

Collaborating With Best Mobile App Development Company

You can also contact a professional mobile app development company for your uber eats clone app development project. It will be more convenient than hiring a technical stack separately. 

When you get in touch with a professional mobile app development company, half of the problem is solved. 


Buy White-Labeled Solutions

It is not possible for every restaurant or for some people, who are willing to develop an uber eats clone app to develop their app from scratch. So they can opt for the white-labeled app development solutions. With the help of this, you can get the same app developed with minimum investment. This is the best option for those who want to start their app with less investment. 

Cost Involved to Develop Uber eats Clone App

Whenever we decide to own a business, the first thing that strikes our mind is “what will be the cost involved”? Capital is the most important feature when it comes to any business. 

Here we are talking about uber eats clone app development and how much it will cost. App development cost depends on many various factors like designing, developers’ cost, add-on features, etc. 

If we talk in general, then the cost required to develop an uber eats clone app is $20,000 – $30,000. Different app development companies have different prices, you can choose the best and affordable mobile app development company as per your needs. 

Final Thoughts

It is always scary to start something new, but if you don’t take risks you cannot experience the change. The app development business is not easy one has to take care of many things at the same time. But once your app gets the response as you expected then every pain is worth it. 

It is also not necessary to invest huge amounts in app development. There are many other ways to develop your app with a minimum budget. 

Food delivery app is the best business one can opt for. If you own any restaurant or want to start your food or tiffin delivery app contact us for the best food delivery app development solutions.

experts help for uber eats clone app

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