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Client Feedback

The Greatest Assets are The Happy Clients

  • I asked AppDukaan to make a delivery app for my toy store. They have given such an efficient app that my delivery business of toy stores runs smoothly now. They have implemented high-quality features be it ordering, delivering, payment, etc., and at such a reasonable price. I would totally recommend AppDukaan to my friends!

    Sofia Scott

    Sofia Scott Malacca, Malaysia

  • Thanks to AppDukaan, I got one of the highest-rated apps for grocery delivery. The app gathers a lot of audience because of its design and functionalities. AppDukaan has such a great team of developers. They listened to my ideas and also gave their own suggestions as per their knowledge.

    Jasper Colin

    Jasper Colin Phuket, Thailand

  • Kudos to the designer team of the company that made such a beautiful app design for me. My app looks gorgeous and I am having no issues with the functionality. The company can get better with less app costing. But for having a good app, I think it is ok to keep a higher budget. Overall, thumbs up!

    Max Sandora

    Max Sandora Angola

  • I asked AppDukaan for an app where my clients can easily book appointments for my beauty salon. I had explained all the features that I wanted to showcase the facilities that the salon provides, location of the salon, free schedules, etc. The end result was outstanding. The app looks so good and functions so well. I love it and I would definitely recommend AppDukaan to my friends.

    Alena Joanna

    Alena Joanna Singapore

  • I asked AppDukaan to make a local appointment booking app and I am thrilled with the end result. The app was loaded with features and had a great user interface. I am happily shocked to get such a quality app at very reasonable prices. And not only that, they provided me free maintenance too. Really, AppDukaan deserves a 5-star rating.

    Neharika Tuli

    Neharika Tuli Indore, India

  • The food delivery app solution provided by AppDukaan has boosted my restaurant revenues to 5 times. The app is very easy to use and has great designs and features. I love my app and would absolutely recommend AppDukaan to all my friends and users who want to develop an app.

    Robin Russel

    Robin Russel Malaysia

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  • I got my grocery delivery app from AppDukaan. They made the app in very little time and the functionality was fine. I like the way they were in continuous communication with me and kept me in a loop of the process. I liked their dedication and discipline a lot.

    Shridhar Rathi

    Shridhar Rathi Shridhar Rathi,

  • I asked AppDukaan for a StudyWithMe app. I had a lot of ideas for this app and I was not sure if an app can hold that much but AppDukaan proved me wrong. They implemented every idea that I delivered an app that had all my ideas but with a better vision. I am so thankful to the team of AppDukaan, they have really helped the students who like to study with someone.


    Adrian Jurong, Singapore

  • I appreciate the company’s commitment. I wanted my app to get launched in the minimum time possible and AppDukaan did that for me. What they mentioned about the time of completion of the app going live, happened to be true. I would totally recommend the company oif you want to build good apps in less time.

    Kathy Lee

    Kathy Lee Kathy Lee,

  • I loved how the company was supportive. Even after the app was developed, they were round the clock. The maintenance was provided effortlessly. My app is working phenomenally and the designs are apar excellent. I congratulate AppDukaan for having such talented people with them tat make awesome apps.

    Gaurav Prajapati

    Gaurav Prajapati Maharashtra, India

  • AppDukaan understood exactly what I was looking for in an app for my gym. The app they provided was so intuitive and modern. They compiled the project and delivered it just in time without giving me any reason to complain. It is so hard to find the right company like AppDukaan that delivers legit products at a reasonable price.

    Laura Seb

    Laura Seb Nairobi, Africa

  • The company was professional with the skill. They documented everything and did exactly as mentioned. The constant follow-ups and the round a clock support was a huge help. I was always updated with the development process and the team was happy to help me even explaining the technical portions.

    Riyaz Karim

    Riyaz Karim Kaula lumpur, Malaysia

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