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Develop An eLearning Platform Like Byju’s | Complete Guide

1270 Views | 6 min | June 24, 2021
eLearning app like Byju's

Excuses for not going to school can be kept aside now because there are innovative and creative ways of learning. Studying can never be this entertaining and students are also enjoying this new eLearning platform a lot. 

We all have seen Byju’s growth. Just a few years back this was an ordinary eLearning app but now it has become the most popular online learning platform. Byju’s acquired the well-known coaching center “Aakash”, which is the leading coaching center for medical and engineering courses. 

So, this won’t be wrong to say that the eLearning platforms are so popular that they are even acquiring leading offline coaching brands. 

Technology is benefiting everyone and helping the generation to overcome all the hurdles caused by the current crisis and situation. We all have witnessed the Covid-19 crisis, if technology wasn’t this advanced then it would have been impossible to fight this bad phase. Therefore let’s know about this even more and see what else these eLearning platforms have done to make the future even better and how one can even earn from this.

eLearning app development experts

Future Of eLearning Platforms

You might be wondering what benefits does this eLearning app development can give you? Well, if we talk about the eLearning business then it will interest you to know that it is one of the highest-earning industries. The online education industry is growing rapidly because of its high demand.

scope of eLearning app

If we consider the current situation then it can be said that the eLearning platform is the safest and the best way to learn and grow. It is not specific to school students but even other people can gain a lot and learn many good things from these eLearning platforms. This is the most creative way to learn and teach while staying safe at home even after this covid 19.

Many surveys have revealed that the eLearning industry is not going down in any condition because of its high demand and relevancy. Because it offers a very creative and innovative way of learning and students claim that concepts are cleared better with the help of this 3- D eLearning platform.

Corona has brought modern technology to its highest peak and people are loving these eLearning apps. It is said that the eLearning apps have brought a revolution to the education industry. Let us see what changes this eLearning brought and how to build an eLearning app with the best features and budget.  

Best eLearning Platform

Now let us see which are the most popular eLearning platforms. There are many apps for online learning but here we have discussed only the best 5 eLearning apps.

best eLearning platform


This is the eLearning app that is well known by everyone. Just a few months back Byju’s acquired the most popular educational firm “Aakash”. AESL (Aakash Educational Services Limited) is a 23 years old firm that provides classes for medical and engineering entrance exams also for classes from 9th to 12th. 

Byju’s has very innovative features that make this eLearning platform one of its kind. It offers 3- d online classes for students which makes learning fun. It offers weekly tests or self-assessment sheets that allow students to understand where they are lacking. More features make Byju’s the number one eLearning platform.


This is also one of the leading eLearning platforms. It is loved by students because of its salient features like:

  • It has a library of 5000 educational videos which cover all the syllabus for class KG to 12th. 
  • They use modern techniques to teach students with the help of engaging 3D and 2D videos. 
  • They provide revision classes and tests for better understanding. 
  • It helps students prepare for the board exam effectively with the help of mock tests and previous years’ board examination papers.


This eLearning platform is focused to provide students with precise notes for every subject so that they can revise them easily during the time of exams. It also offers mock tests and exam patterns that are similar to original exams. It especially benefits the aspirants who are preparing for bank exams, SSC and law, etc.

Khan Academy

Under this eLearning platform, students get practice exercises, instructional videos, personalized dashboard. With this students can select and study with their own time and availability. There are several subjects added to the app for the learners. It uses the latest technology that recognizes the learning gaps and strengths.  


This is another popular app among CBSE and ICSE students. It helps students with school curriculum-related doubts and problems. The services are specifically for students of classes 6 to 12 of ICSE and CBSE. It offers study material, helps users in completing assignments and homework. It also offers help for exam preparation by providing sample papers, revision notes, and previous year’s solved question papers. This app has an additional feature known as “ask and answer” so that students can get expert-certified solutions.

Features To Integrate Into An eLearning App

Any app which is without features seems lifeless. Features of an app are something that enhances its quality and functionality. Many features can be integrated into an eLearning app but below we have mentioned some of the very important features of the eLearning platform. Every feature you add to your app will increase the cost of your app. Therefore we help you with the selection of the right and relevant features for eLearning apps so that the things remain on budget and which will increase the quality of your app.

features of eLearning app

User’s Registration

Simple users have to enter their basic details like name, age, course applied, and mail id. Later, they will be registered with the app and can avail of the services of the Elearning software.

Profile Manager

Under this feature, users will have the independence to handle their profile on the app. They can decide whether they want to be the paid subscriber or they just want to avail themselves of the basic services. They can also select the type, of course, they want to go for. (Whether they want help with school assignments or they want services for higher studies or entrance exams.) 

Free Subscription

In the beginning, offer users a free subscription so that in the beginning you can easily get a good number of subscribers or users. Once your app is launched and accepted by the users successfully then you can charge them for advanced services. It will also help in building the user’s loyalty to your app.

On-demand Videos Class

This on-demand video class will help students to have a video lecture on any subject and topic at any point in time. They can select the subject and topic they want to learn at that very moment.

Live Chat

Live chat features help students to have immediate conversations with the teacher. If the user has any query regarding any topic or subject or during lecture they can ask their issue with the help of the live chat feature.

Planned Crash Course

During exam time it is very difficult to learn each and everything hence with the help of the crash course feature students can get quick access to all the chapters in a very short time.

Video Download Feature

With the help of this feature, students can download the lectures. So even if the internet is lost, users can enjoy uninterrupted studies.

Payment Option

If you charge your subscriber for a few premium plans then do provide them with every mode of payment.

Shipment Details 

In case the user wants to order any books or any study material. Do let them know the address so that they can place an order from there.

Live Support Team

If there is any new user and they have any query, provide a live support team for them. Just like a virtual assistant so that the user shall not feel difficulty while using the app.

Things To Consider While Developing An eLearning Platform

There are few things that one must understand before starting an eLearning app business. Below we have mentioned some points that can help build your eLearning platform.

things to consider while eLearning app development

Know Your Target Audience

Before developing an app just know what your target audience is and design the app according to that. You have to decide whether you want to design the app for school students or entrance exam preparing aspirants. Later, you can build the best app for your audience.

Good Tech Stack

Once you are done deciding the basics for your eLearning app. Now leave the things to the technical team. Yes, you need to hire a developing team for your project so that you do not face any problems with the app’s functioning. Hire the best developers, UI/UX Designers, and testers to keep your app bug and problem-free.


When the app is developed it is very important to advertise it on different platforms to make it visible in front of users. Users should be aware of the product that has been launched by you otherwise it will be worthless to develop any app. So advertise your app nicely to get the maximum number of users.

Original And Innovative Techniques

Integrate new and modern software into your eLearning app so that it can compete with the rest of the best eLearning apps. It is very important to use new and modern software while developing an app. 

Cost Required To Develop An eLearning App Like Byju’s

cost for eLearning app development

The Cost of the app depends on the number of features and complexity it contains during the app development process. If the app design is simple and basic then the cost is less but if the design is creative then it will cost a little bit more. Approximately the Elearning app development will cost 4000 – 6000 USD. If the client wants to build an app with all modern and new software and technology then development cost will be according to that. It all depends upon the type of design and software one decides for their app.


It is believed that all the necessary questions and doubts regarding eLearning apps are cleared with this blog. Above we have mentioned all the relevant topics like features of the app, the cost required for app development, and what you must consider to make your app popular among users. Still, if you have any concerns regarding the eLearning app development process, you can simply reach us.

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