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On-demand Home Services App Development Guide

1226 Views | 5 min | September 10, 2021
on-demand home services app development

There are many situations when we think about if we could have someone to help us with home chores. That is why the on-demand home service app getting so popular and managing to gather the highest user base. 

The Festival season is arriving and it is the time when everyone will be in a hurry to get their house ready for the celebration. And on-demand home services apps are the best helping hand during these busy days.

Whether you want to renovate your house or want to pamper yourself after all the festival preparation. These on-demand home services app offers all-in-one services from beauty or salon at home to basic home services. 

The on-demand home services app offers services like beauty, personal care, spa, and repair (electricians, plumbers, carpenters, AC, and appliance repair.) 

If you are also looking for something like that and want to develop an on-demand home service app with customized features then contact a mobile app development company today.

What Is The Requirement Of Home Services App Development?

You must be wondering what is the need for an on-demand home services app to users. Then let us tell you, it is expected that worldwide the on-demand home services market will reach up to $1574.89 billion by 2024

There are many popular on-demand home services apps like the Thumbtack app, UrbanClap (known as Urban company), TaskRabbit. That clearly shows the high demand for home services apps in the market. 

After the Covid-19 the demand for home services apps increased because people are not willing to go to public places like parlors, salons, etc. They prefer to take services at their own house. There are no advanced features involved in the on-demand home services app development. That is why the cost of app development is also affordable and you can start as an entrepreneur too. In the coming years the demand is going to be high so why not start today and create a strong user base. 

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Features Of Home Services App

If we talk about features of on-demand home services apps. Then, you get several features that you can integrate into your customer app, admin panel, and service provider app. Let us discuss these features below: 

features of on-demand home services app

Customer Booking App

Easy and Quick Registration

Customers or users can register themselves on the app with their mobile phones easily. You can allow your users to register or sign up by using their email, social media accounts, or mobile number. Many apps allow this type of sign-up process to the customers and depending upon the requirements customers enjoy the services.

Instant Notifications

With Push- notification customers can get important updates about the app without navigating to the app. They can know about their order status, keep the track of their order, and much more. Therefore instant notification or say “push notification” is a must for your on-demand home services app.   

Easy Browsing

One of the important features of an on-demand home services app because it helps users to browse a specific service easily. Users can easily land on the desired services or can use the filters provided to search for the specific service.

Rate and Reviewing

This feature is specifically very helpful for new customers who are willing to use the app. The previous customers or users can rate the services of the app for the new users. So that new customers can choose the services from the best service providers.


Allow customers to pay through credit card, debit card, PayPal, or any other third-party e-wallet app after the service provider accept the order. After the payment, the service provider processes the request and will provide you service as per the availability. 

Features of Admin Panel

Manage Promotions

To make your marketing campaign run smoothly you need to promote your app by offering different discounts or offers. And with an on-demand home services app, you can use various marketing strategies to increase your brand visibility. 

Listing Management

This feature allows the admin to have control over the service providers and services listed on the home service app. They can add or remove any service or service provider as per the requirement.  

Comprehensive Management

Through this feature, the business owners can manage or have control over every aspect of the home services via a single admin dashboard. 


To check or have a record of your progress the analytics features are a must for your on-demand home services app. Through this, the admin can have an eye over the popular home services app, customer registration, and orders completed.

Feedback Management

This allows the admin to inform the service provider in case of any negative feedback. Through this admin can filter the best service provider and can ensure flawless and professional home services to the customers. It helps in improvising the services of your on-demand home services app for the customers. 

Manage Discounts and Offers

App owners can provide multiple offers, discounts, promo codes, to increase the interest of the customers and their engagement with the app. One can run several promotional campaigns to increase their ROI. 

Features for a Service Provider 


The easy and seamless onboarding attracts several service providers. Once the registration is done, the service provider can easily get the accessibility to work.


An inbuilt chat system is always a good option for the service provider to interact with their customer effectively. It helps resolve the queries of the customer and allows them to have required assistance. 


It is one of the important features for the service provider to ensure the quick and featest service delivery. With this feature, the service provider can find the shortest and fastest route to ensure on-time service delivery. 

Manage the Revenue

Through this feature service providers or vendors can keep track of their monthly, weekly, or yearly earnings. They can track every transaction done to their account and get the cost estimation for every service they have provided. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop on-Demand Home Services App?

App development cost always depends upon the number of features and the number of hours required to develop an app. If you want a basic and normal function in your app then the development cost will be according to that. But if you want an advanced app with all modern software and key features then the cost will be a little high.

However, app development cost also varies as per the location. For example, in Europe or America, the cost of on-demand home services app development is $150-200 per hour. In Asia, the app development cost is $80-$130 per hour.  

The factors that affect the app development cost are:

  • App Platform Required
  • Selection of Theme Design
  • Location of the Developers
  • Features and advanced features.
  • Hosting and maintenance cost

In rough figures, we can say that the on-demand home services app development will cost you near about $25000 – $45,000.

Strategies Adopted By The Owners Of on-Demand Home Services App Owners Amid Covid-19

After covid-19 the demand for “on-demand home services app” has increased dramatically. The app owners have adopted various factors to increase their demand in the market. They are using many points to ensure safe and happy services to their customers. 

Post covid, the major reason for the increase in the market of home services app is that they are working as per the points given below. To make sure their customers, as well as their service provider or vendors, remain healthy and safe. 

You too can add these points to your business idea to increase your sale or demand in the marketplace. Read the points given below to know how to rule the on-demand home services marke3tplace post covid- 19.

  • Issuing Personal Protection Measures  
  • Contactless Delivery
  • Focus On Quality Services


There are many app development ideas in the market nowadays but some concepts are ruling the marketplace with their high demands. The on-demand home services app is one of them and you can easily go for this without any second thought. In the above paragraphs, we have discussed the revenue that is generated by these home services apps.

So if you are into home services app development or planning for something like that then must start today. Hire the experts of mobile app development and get the best functional on-demand home service app.

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