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Ultimate Guide To Know How To Make Swiggy Clone App

1135 Views | 5 min | April 8, 2021
complete guide to learn how to make swiggy clone

We all are aware of Swiggy app and how it is serving food lovers. This is one of the best and most loved food delivery app by users. In a report made by, it was found that on a daily basis Swiggy receives 1.5 million orders. You can very well calculate how much revenue this app generates with food delivery service. The food delivery app business is so trending that people are thinking of making a Swiggy Clone App or food delivery app.

If we talk of the current market scenario for food delivery apps, then it is one of the leading businesses. As people are afraid of going out for dinning in the restaurants due to Covid. So they prefer to order food online. Therefore no wonder why Swiggy is able to generate 1.5 orders daily.

Many entrepreneurs are investing their money in making a Swiggy clone app just because of its high demand among users. 

Food delivery app development is one of the best business ideas as per the current market. If you are planning to develop a Swiggy clone app then definitely this blog will guide you on how you can make a Swiggy like an app. What features are to be integrated while making a Swiggy clone app. Let us discuss this all in this blog.


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Reasons To Make Swiggy Clone App

No one has ever imagined that there will be a time when the restaurant’s food will be preferred over homemade food.  And food delivery apps making it easier for the users to order food online just by sitting safely at home.

scope of making swiggy clone

Swiggy clone app development is also so much in demand because it is a high revenue-generating app. There are other reasons too, like, people who are living away from their family and being so occupied in their work and studies. So they do not have enough time to cook, usually prefer to order food from restaurants. So without any confusion, it can be said that the future of food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato is going to give good revenues. Therefore the idea to develop a Swiggy clone app is brilliant and definitely a great business plan. 

There are many reasons why a Swiggy clone is a great business idea. Let us learn about them in the next part.

1.Minimum Investment

Unlike other apps, food delivery apps require less capital in app development. There are fewer technicalities as compared to other app development. Making a Swiggy clone app requires capital just for integrating the features of the app and later for maintenance and promotions. No complex things are involved in creating an app like Swiggy. Just like any other basic app, you need to focus on design, features, promotions, and the best app developing team who can lead you in creating the best Swiggy clone app. 

2. Simple App Plan

If you are a beginner or this Swiggy clone app development is your first project to start with. Then you don’t have to worry about anything. This Swiggy clone app development doesn’t need. Simply you need to contact the best app development company and hire a team of developers, testers, and UI/UX designers, and your job is done. Now it is all on the technical team, to put your dream app into reality. You can explain your simple plan or app idea to the team and they will structure it accordingly otherwise just reach us

3.Require Less Maintenance

Unlike other app development, maintenance charges for a Swiggy-like app is comparatively less. To make a Swiggy clone simply you might need money for app designing, developing, and testing. Maintenance charges are less in such food delivery app development.

4.High Demand Of Food Delivery App

One always prefers to start a business that is high in demand in the market. And the food delivery business is one of the top businesses right now. It gives good benefits to the owner in the least money investment. The demand for food delivery apps is also high because users are more likely to order food online rather than going to restaurants. The covid fear is still there among people. So a food delivery app is the only option left to them if they want to have delicious food of their choice. Also, students who are living far from their families prefer to get food online. The number of audiences is high and so will be the demand. 

Features Required to Make Swiggy Clone App

features of swiggy clone

  • Login 

The login feature is simple. As you have seen in many apps. This is the first simple login formality that is provided in every app development. So if you are planning to create a Swiggy clone app then this will be the first feature to go into the app. Where a user will sign up himself through Facebook or Gmail and then will access the app. This way you and the user will be connected well. Do not make this login step too long, because stretching it too much may irritate the user. So it is better to keep it simple and quick. 

  • Review Section

A very important feature for any food delivery app. Always provide a review or comment feature in your app. So that you may know the current demand of your users. Users might sometimes add low star, not so satisfying comments or reviews but this will help you in transforming the app into a better version. This way you will come to know what users are actually liking or disliking about your app. This will not just help users but app owners also. So that they can refine their app features and functionality to provide the best user experience. For this, you might need the best app development, team. Think of AppDukaan for your food delivery app development business.

  • Filter option

This feature provides different options to your users. Through which they can select their choice. Like, whether they want veg or nonveg food. And depending upon their requirement or current mood they can choose or make the order. There can be other filters too which you can provide to make the search for the users simple. You can provide options for the users who want to have healthy food. The users who want to have something healthy and spice-free. Even if someone has to order ice cream online they look for sugar-free ice cream options. So it will be really advantageous to the users if you provide such types of options in your app. This “filter” feature will allow users to customize their search and make the user have their exact and desired food item. In this filter feature, you can also provide one more option to the users. You can also provide a tiffin delivery service to the users. This is also a very good choice to make your Swiggy clone app more user-friendly.

  • Payment Options 

When to make a Swiggy clone app, make sure it has all the features of an advanced food delivery app. Provide all the digital payment options to the users. Provide all the possible payment methods. Whether users like to do it with a credit card, debit card, COD, or through other digital payment apps like google pay, Paypal, etc. Open all the channels for the users. So that they cannot go back from your app and love to use it over and over again.

  • Vouchers And Discount

Provide seasonal discounts and vouchers to the users to attract their attention. Give your first and new users vouchers to avail best discounts from your food delivery app. Vouchers and discounts always make users happy and delightful. So in order to keep your users happy and make them stay with your app. Give this feature a thought.

  • GPS Tracking

This feature will help users in tracking their orders. This GPS tracking will help the food delivery app in locating the exact location of the users. Therefore this is one of the main features to integrate into the Swiggy clone app for better service delivery.


To develop any app it really requires a lot of research and creative ideas. Specially when it comes to making a Swiggy clone app, then definitely you need to be creative and unique. Users should not be confused that your services are exactly like Swiggy so they keep using Swiggy only. When you have competition with top leading apps then your direction of app development should be guided by experts. AppDukaan helps you to develop apps which are just the way you like. In order to know more about our app development services click on the link.


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