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How To Develop A BigBasket Clone App With Advanced Features

899 Views | 6 min | July 27, 2021
bigbasket clone app

Are you extremely busy and don’t have time for grocery shopping?

Well, no problem, now the BigBasket clone app will take care of your grocery shopping-related issues. With an online grocery app, boring grocery shopping and delivery can be made easy and less time-consuming. 

Online grocery shopping apps are the demand of the new generation. That’s because today’s generation is mostly occupied by their office work, house chores, etc, and does not have time to go grocery shopping.  

Also to keep yourself safe from the crowded shopping marts. The BigBasket clone app is of great help. Where users can place their order online just by sitting at their homes. There are more benefits of the online grocery delivery app.  

Let us know more about this online grocery shopping app development, features, and cost in this blog.

Future of BigBasket Clone App

There are several grocery delivery apps available on Google play. That is because the online grocery delivery apps are high in demand by the users. Apps like BigBasket, Doordash, etc are very popular in the US and other developed countries. 

According to one record, the online grocery apps are the most downloaded apps of 2020 and with every new year, they are breaking records. 

We all know the pandemic has changed our lives and so do our requirements. Earlier we preferred to shop from big marts but now we find apps are the best way to get groceries from the market or store.

All the data and situation mentioned above is aiming at one point only. That the grocery delivery apps are needed by users and the demand is really high. Therefore the BigBasket clone app will be a good business option if somebody wants to start something new.

build bigbasket clone app

Benefits of Developing BigBasket Clone App

Apps were always helpful whether we talk about the covid period or even before that. Apps make our work easy and convenient every time. 

Now if we talk about the Bigbasket clone app then it won’t be wrong to say, that it is one of the best online grocery shopping apps. 

Grocery shopping is boring and time-consuming. After shopping, you have to wait in long queues for billing. But, what if you can buy the groceries online and can save that time and utilize it for something important and interesting?

With the help of this BigBasket clone app, users can experience the following benefits. However, there are several benefits of developing a BigBasket clone app but below we have mentioned a few of them. 

benefits of online grocery delivery app


These online grocery delivery apps are really convenient and very easy to use. Users can easily place the order from their home and can get the delivery within a few days. There are few on-demand grocery delivery apps, which deliver orders within a few hours. 

Now, users do not have to go out or have to take out extra time for grocery shopping, simply download the app and get started.

Time Saver

After doing all the office work and daily chores, our body hardly had any energy left for grocery shopping. But with the BigBasket clone app, users can simply place an order with the help of the app anytime. It will save the user’s precious time and energy.  


Grocery shops are always crowded and it is not safe to go out in crowded places due to the Corona outbreak. Therefore these apps also offer safety to the users by making them stay at home and placing the order from there. 

Safety is the prime concern of every individual nowadays. Therefore, we believe this is one of the major reasons why people are using these grocery delivery apps more and more. 

Easy Discounts

This Bigbasket clone app also offers handsome discounts on certain products. The discounts and sales are also the main reason why users love to order things from online grocery delivery apps. Sometimes the discounts are so attractive that users do shopping over the budget. 

Scheduled Home Delivery

Users can also schedule the time for the delivery of the order. As per the customer’s availability, they can select the time slot for the delivery of the order. If the customer is not available to receive the order, they can also reschedule the delivery timing. This makes the Bigbasket clone app more user-friendly.

Features of BigBasket Clone App

Features of the app decide the worth of the app. That is why it is very important to choose the best features for a grocery delivery app.

It is not necessary to add on all the features at once. You can simply start with a few basic, yet important features. Later, as per the user’s response, you can make the changes to the app.

But for now, given below is the list of some very relevant features. You can choose the best features suited to your Bigbasket clone App.

features of bigbasket clone app


The “Log-in” feature is one of the important features that can be added to the online grocery delivery app. With the help of this feature, users can sign in to the app and can start using the app easily. 

Many apps now allow users to sign in through Gmail or Facebook for quick and easy accessibility. You can also get this feature added to your Bigbasket clone app. 

Profile Management

To allow users to handle their profile and account on the app it is very important to add this feature to the BigBasket clone app. The user can make a list of grocery items that they want to buy on their profile, can add card details for safe and quick payments, can add items for future purchases, and much more. 

This “profile management” feature is important if you want your user to stay connected with your app. 

Advanced Search Options

If the user wants to search for some particular item, then he can use this feature. This feature will allow users to search for the exact product they are looking for.  

Just the way we search for our favorite food on a food delivery app. Similarly, here users can search for the grocery item and their details.

Add to Wishlist

If the user is looking for an item that is out of stock at that moment, then he can add that item to the wishlist. Whenever that item will be available, users will be notified immediately. 

This feature will make your BigBasket clone app more user-friendly. 

Real-time Tracking

With the real-time tracking feature, users can track the current status of their order and delivery agents can track the location of the customers. This is helpful for all types of users whether it is for customers, admin-panel, or delivery agents. So you must add this feature to the BigBasket clone app.

Push Notifications

This feature will help users to receive important notifications related to their orders, payments, and delivery schedules, etc. It is a really important feature that should be added to the BigBasket clone app. It will help to keep your users updated with all recent and important information.

Easy Payment Options

Allow customers to pay through any payment gateway. Provide the freedom to pay through credit cards, debit cards, e-wallet, or cash. If you offer so many options for payment then it becomes easier for the customer to make payment.

Referral Program

If a user wants to refer the app to his friends or colleague they can do that with the help of this feature. It will help in making your BigBasket clone app more popular among users. You can also add some offers with this referral feature. 

This is more of a marketing strategy rather than a feature. So you can add this feature as per your choice. 

Review and Ratings

Allow users to provide reviews and ratings depending upon their experience. This makes the app more user-friendly and trustworthy.

Schedule Delivery 

Allow the users to schedule the delivery of their order. Let the users select the time slot for the delivery as per their availability. This will be beneficial for customers and delivery agents.

Delivery agents can come at the time which is mentioned by the customers. It will save time and energy for the delivery agents. 

And for customers, it is helpful because they can get the order on time. They don’t have to worry about the unscheduled order delivery.

Discounts and Vouchers

Provide occasional discount offers or vouchers to the customers. This will attract the attention of the users. 

Discounts and sales are the new trend of online apps to draw the attention of users. You can also try this feature for attracting more users to your BigBasket clone app. 


At any point in time when a user needs any help regarding an app. Then they can simply use this “Support” feature and can get the answers to their query.

Cost Required to Develop BigBasket Clone App

cost required for bigbasket clone app

Many different countries and companies have individual policies and standards for app development.

Now if we talk about BigBasket clone app development cost. Then it is as follows:

  • In eastern European-based places, the developers cost around $33 to $145 per hour.
  • In Western Europe and the UK, the app development cost is $35 to $170 per hour.
  • Indian app developers will charge somewhere between $10 to $80 per hour

The cost for Bigbasket clone app development will be reasonable because of its basic and limited number of features and coding. Now if we calculate the entire app development process and cost of the Bigbasket clone app then it will be $10000 to $20000. 

You can also try our white label app development solutions. Reach us today to book your free demo.

Why Choose AppDukaan For BigBasket Clone App Development

Whenever you choose a mobile app development company for your project. Then you wish to have a company that can offer you the services which are mentioned below. 

choose appdukaan for bigbasket clone app development

Other companies might promise you to deliver the best but we believe in actions more than words. Our actions and client reviews prove that we are the best mobile app development company

Let us see what are the points that make us different from other mobile app development companies:

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Affordable App Development Cost

Wrapping Up

If you are interested in BigBasket clone app development then you should start today. We believe all your queries related to the app development process are cleared above. But if by chance anything is left and you have any other query. Then you can contact us anytime, we are always available to help you.  

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