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On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Development | Practo Like App

593 Views | 7 min | June 30, 2021
on-demand medicine delivery app development

We all understand the importance of good health. If we are not healthy then we can’t do anything properly. Health is a priority for everyone. And with the help of an on-demand medicine delivery app, it becomes even more convenient for everyone to get medicines and treatment on time.  

Many on-demand medicine delivery apps are serving mankind and helping many in getting their daily medical needs. 

Pharmacy is one of the leading businesses after the outbreak of Covid -19. Before this lockdown, no one had ever thought of such hard times. When everyone will be at home and it would become impossible to get even the daily requirements like medicine and other essentials. 

Particularly, if we talk about the lockdown period, then, that time many have experienced a lot of problems in getting the medicines from stores and hospitals. Due to high demand and low availability, it was difficult to provide proper care to the patients and sick people.

Now also it is not safe to go out unless it is very urgent but one can not overlook his medicine intake. Therefore we understand your need for medicines and their importance to some people’s survival.

Some patients are completely dependent upon medication for carrying out daily activities. So we come with the idea of developing on-demand medicine delivery apps for such patients. 

Online medicine delivery apps have emerged as the best alternative to clinics or hospitals during covid and even after that. The main objective of the on-demand medicine delivery app is to help those who are unable to get their own medicines from the store.

In this blog, we will explain to you what are the benefits of medicine delivery apps and why one should go for developing apps like Practo.

planning to develop on demand medicine delivery app

Reason To Invest In On-demand Medicine Delivery App

Medicine is something that everyone requires at some point of time in their life. Infants and old age people are mostly dependent on medicines. Medicines can be considered as one of the most important things for some people.

People suffering from Tuberculosis or Diabetes need to take medicine after every meal. For such people, the on-demand medicine app is like a blessing.

Sometimes medical store retailers do not have the prescribed medicines and users have to wander a lot to get the right drug. But with the help of an on-demand medicine delivery app, everyone can get their medicine on time with no hard effort.

Online pharmacy is one of the leading businesses in the market. It is expected that online pharmacies will earn $11 Billion by 2025

Current circumstances have played a vital role in boosting this online medicine industry. Earlier people used to get medicines from the nearby pharmacy store but now due to high demand for medicines and drugs. It has become a little difficult for offline retailers to fulfill this immediate and high demand. Therefore online pharmacies have helped a lot in making things simpler for everyone. Let us see how the industry is growing and helping others to fulfill their daily medicine requirements.

invest in on-demand medicine delivery app

Features To Integrate Into Medicine Delivery App

Every app is known and differentiated from others on the basis of its features. If your app has advanced features and functionality then it will be highly appreciated by the users and will get recognition by them in no time. 

Advanced features help in making your app more user-friendly. It also helps your users to stay connected with the app for better services.  

Below we have mentioned some features which can be integrated into your on-demand medicine delivery app. With the help of these features, you can easily develop the best medicine delivery app. 

features to integrate in medicine delivery app

Sign Up

This feature will help users sign in to the app. With this sign-up feature, users can create their accounts on the app. Which will help them in easy accessibility of the services.

Just like the way we create our account on FB and Insta, similarly, users need to enter their credentials here. So that their details will be secured and saved with password and ID. 

Profile Management

Now comes the user’s profile. To preserve all the prior appointments and medical history of the user you need to add this feature. This profile management will manage and record every meeting and appointment between doctor and patient. This will allow easy management of the user’s profile and account. Users can also set appointment reminders with the help of this profile management feature. 

Lab Aggregation

This lab aggregation feature will enable users to locate the nearby pathology for a blood test or any other check-up.

For example, if a user wants to get tested for Covid. Then he can simply search for the nearest lab or pathology with the help of this feature and can get his test done.

Upload Pics 

Allow users to upload pictures of their medical reports or prescription for doctor’s reference. It is also useful if a patient is not willing to go to the clinic or hospital and wants the treatment at home.

For example, if a user has any issue which cannot be explained over the call or chat properly. Then he can simply send the picture to the doctor. And then by analyzing the picture the doctor can take the treatment further. This is again a very important feature to go into the app for better treatment amid this social distancing situation.

Medicine With Shipment and Tracking Details

This feature will help users to find the exact medicine for the problem. Under this feature, all the medicines will be categorized into their respective groups. Users can simply order the medicine from there and can track their order too. Every time the user orders any medicine, entire drug information with shipment details will be displayed. So that there won’t be any confusion regarding medicine and delivery address.

Search by Category

Although it is advisable to take medicine with a doctor’s prescription. But at times there are situations when we can take care of ourselves.

There are few things that people can buy with their best experience, like a protein drink, medicated face wash, vitamin c tablets, serums, etc. Therefore under this feature users can simply look for the thing just by searching in the category mentioned. 

For example, if someone wants to buy something related to skin, then they simply have to select the Skin category. Then the user will get all possible searches available on the app related to skin. Whether medicines, advice or appointments, etc.

In-app Video Calling Feature

This feature will help users to connect through video calls. Patients can take advice from the doctor by sitting at home through video sessions.

This feature is really helpful and necessary to go with the on-demand medicine delivery app. In cases like skin and eye infections, it is not safe to go out. Therefore it is better to get the prescription on call.

Payment Mode

Enable users to make digital payments through different modes. For example, if a user got a prescription over video call and later he has to pay the fee to the doctor. Then with the help of digital payment mode, the patient can easily pay at his convenience. Therefore adding this feature to your app will make the app more user-friendly.

Appointment Booking

This feature allows the user to book a direct meeting with the physician.

Now, users don’t have to wait in the queues to get an appointment with the doctor. They can simply book the appointment through an app and can select the time slot which is best suited to them. This makes things really convenient for the users. Therefore this feature is also one of the best to go with an on-demand medicine delivery app. 

Multiple Lingual Option

We all feel comfortable accessing things in our mother tongue. Similarly, if you provide users with the flexibility of using the app in their language. It will attract many users.

Why On-Demand Medicine Delivery App Is So Successful

There are many reasons for the success of medicine delivery apps. Apps are the new friend to humans. For every service, you can find the app, whether it is a food delivery app, grocery delivery app. People simply enjoy the user-friendly services which these apps offer. 

People love using apps because it makes their everyday chores easy. Now if we talk about medicine delivery apps, they also offer the same benefits and convenience as other apps do.

Below we have mentioned a few points that make the medicine delivery app so popular among users because it offers:

Reason on-demand medicine delivery app is so popular

  • Doorstep Delivery
  • Complete Privacy
  • Easy and Hustle Free Communication
  • Easy Search
  • On-demand Services

Cost Involved In Developing App Like Practo

The cost required to develop an on-demand app like Practo depends on the following few points:

  • The Choice of Platform which you decide for your e- pharmacy business. It can be WINDOWS, iOs, Android, or hybrid mobile apps for multiple platforms.
  • Time required to develop an app. The cost of the pharmacy app development also depends upon the time taken to build the complete app.
  • Location of the app development company. If you get the app developed from the US/UK then the cost of the development will be around $140 – $260 per hour. In case you hire developers from Asia then the cost of development will be around $20 – $35 per hour.
  • The complexity of app development. If you choose to integrate complex features and functions then the app development cost will be high and if the features are basic then the cost of the app will be considerably low.

cost required to develop an app like Practo

Now if we take everything into consideration like, technical stack, time, functions, and other things then the app development cost will nearly be around $16,000 – $ 20,000.

The online pharmacy app development also reaches up to $2,00,000 if you plan to develop apps similar to Practo or to other popular e-pharmacy apps. To take your business to the next level you must hire the best technical team who can deliver the best as per your expectations. An entire tech stack require for pharmacy app development consist of-

Front-end and back-end Developers
Experienced Project Managers
Android/iOs Developers
UI/UX Designers
Quality Analytics

Final Thoughts

On-demand apps are taking over the e-market very fastly. This concept is trending nowadays because people do not have time to wait. We have seen on-demand apps available for many services like food delivery, flower delivery, etc. Now people can also get the on-demand medicine in just a few minutes at their doorstep.

For some people, it might be impossible to go without medicine for a day. Therefore they might need the medicine on an urgent basis. The online pharmacy will help to fulfill the urgent need of such users.

Online pharmacy is a growing sector where people can easily earn well. In the beginning, it might need some heavy investment, but, later it will deliver you the best outcomes.

If you have an offline pharmacy business then also with the help of our white label app services you can bring your business online with less investment and can earn well.

Invest today to get better returns tomorrow.

develop on-demand doctor app like Practo

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