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Upgrade Your Business With Medicine Delivery App Development

702 Views | 7 min | July 23, 2021
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Medicines are one of the most important items that everyone needs and so is medicine delivery app development for pharmacy stores. Sometimes, people have to stand in long queues at the drug stores to get the medicine they require. This is where on demand medicine delivery apps come in to resolve the issue.

Various pharmacies and medical stores are adopting these mobile applications to reach their customers effectively. The demand for medicines is so high that offline retailers are finding it difficult to cope up. Medicine delivery apps have saved the time and efforts of people as they had to go to the chemist shops to get the medicines. 

These on demand medicine delivery apps are a game-changer in the world of pharmaceuticals, as they enable the consumers to receive doorstep delivery. With a lot of medications accessible for a specific condition, one may browse through the one that matches their needs the most and acquire that. In this blog, you will get to know how you can upgrade your business with medicine delivery app development.

Medicine Delivery App - Market Trends

Covid-19 has brought the biggest surge in the healthcare and fitness industry. It has left the e-pharmacy marketplace struggling in various aspects. The demand for online pharmacy systems is rising exponentially.

medicine delivery app development stats

According to Zion market research, the e-pharmacy is expected to go up to $107.53 billion by the end of 2025 from $42.32 billion in 2018. The research also mentions that mHealth applications are expected to rise up to $111.1 billion by 2025 from $8 billion in 2018.

Business Models Of Medicine Delivery App Development

There are three business models for a medicine delivery app. You must decide which model will be suitable for your business and implement it in your app. Here are the business models:

Single Store Medicine Delivery App Development

This business model is an operational one where the customers are able to place the order of their medicine by showing their prescriptions. After this, the retailers can check if the medicines are available and if yes, they will be delivered to the user who ordered them. This model also allows the user to make payments for the medicines online via net banking or other online methods.

Medicine Delivery App Development For Aggregators

This model allows the online pharmacies to partner with various local chemist shops rather than keeping the stock of medicines themselves. When a user places an order for a medicine, the app will locate the nearest chemist shop of the user’s location (which will be partnered with the app). 

The chemist shop will then go through the requirements of the user and get the medicines delivered to the user. Before entering into a partnership for this type of business model, both sides (e-pharmacy and chemist shop) must sign the terms and agreements.

Direct To Consumer

In this business model, the medicine delivery apps try to avoid any middlemen for delivering the medicines or supplies. They may get greater and stronger control of the business by directly contacting their customers.

Medicine Delivery App Development Benefits For Your Business

Medicine delivery app development for medical stores has not only brought major convenience to its users but also the facility where people can search for the medicines according to their conditions and get them delivered to their doorstep. Some of the benefits of medicine delivery app development for your business are as follows:

medicine delivery app development benefits

For Customers

  • Time-Saving: Customers/users do not have to go from pharmacy to pharmacy seeking a certain medicine; instead, they may order the medicine of their choice from the comfort of their own home.
  • Updates On Available Medicines: They communicate with this e-pharmacies via push alerts and receive regular information on the availability of medications or medical equipment.
  • Offers And Discounts: These applications are well-known for providing their customers with substantial savings that are otherwise unavailable at chemist stores. They sometimes have their prescriptions delivered to their door without having to pay for it.
  • Expert Consultation: They may use the app to input their prescription and see if the medications are accessible. They can also talk with a doctor about their medication consumption and any adverse effects.

For Pharmacists/Store Owners

  • Improved Buying Experience: Customers get an unrivalled experience with their high-end services, which range from placing an order for drugs to delivering them.
  • New Schemes Accessibility: They gain access to the e-pharmacy applications’ programmes and marketing efforts.
  • Established Customer Base: They receive continuous inquiries from consumers and can meet their needs by giving them medications.
  • Updated Inventory: The inventory of these medical stores does not require human updating because it can be done by the applications, which also give expiration dates and other information.
  • Medicine Alternatives Availability: With medicine delivery app development, you may seek any medicine’s alternative. For example, if Aspirin is not available in the nearest store, you can provide other medicines for the respective condition.
  • Overcome Geographical Limitations: While the stores are limited to a certain geographical region, mobile applications allow them to extend their company and reach clients in remote locations.
  • Increased Reach: Pharmacies can grow their business by attracting consumers from different parts of the country by getting a medicine delivery app developed.

Eminent Features Of Medicine Delivery App Development

The features and functionalities of a mobile app determine how the app functions in the marketplace. When medicine delivery app development is done with the right features and advanced technology stack, getting a place in the list of best medicine delivery apps will not be difficult. Here are some features for the various panels of the app:

medicine delivery app development features

Customer App

  • Login &Registration: The signup and login process should be very simple. Users should not be asked to fill a lot of questions and they should be able to sign up using their social media accounts as well. 
  • Profile Management: Users should be able to create their profiles for a better hassle-free experience. Their profile should include information like their previous orders, prescription history, contact information, address, etc.
  • Upload Prescriptions: The app should allow its users to upload their prescriptions for the pharmacists to check and send the medicines accordingly. Hence, the app should be linked to the phone’s camera and gallery to upload the prescriptions easily.
  • Search Filter: The app should have various filters to improve search results. This will help the users to find their medicine quickly.
  • Medicine Details: The medicines on the app should also display their respective information like manufacturing date, expiration date, price, brand, etc.
  • Expansive Search: If any medicine is not available or sold out on the app, users should be able to find its substitute easily.

Chemist Or Pharmacy Store

  • Managing Medicine Details: The pharmacist or the owner of the store should be able to make changes in the app regarding the addition or removal of any medicine. The app owner should be able to access the data of medicines on the app.
  • Order Tracking: When a user orders medicine, the pharmacy should allow the functionality of receiving a text message or a pop-up message. This enables them to handle the order quickly.
  • Digital Prescriptions: The app should give the pharmacist access to the prescriptions that users have entered.
  • Discounts Management: Discounts should be able to be offered to loyal consumers for recurring orders in order to gain their loyalty.
  • Payment Tracking: Maintain transparency; all payments should be made directly through the app, and the pharmacist should be able to readily follow them.
  • Reviews & Ratings: It is critical for pharmacies to know what their consumers think of their services and goods; thus, pharmacies should have exposure to all customer ratings and reviews.
  • Similar Medicine Availability: In the event that a specific brand of medicine is unavailable, a pharmacist should be permitted to advise clients on the purchase of similar or replacement drugs.

Delivery Agent App

  • Courier Profile: It should include the delivery boy’s personal information as well as a history of deliveries performed by him.
  • Push Messages: The delivery agents should be updated if any new order is placed through push notifications.
  • Tracking System: The medicine delivery app should be integrated with a GPS tracking system so that the delivery agents can get an optimized route to the customer’s location.
  • Delivery Updates: The delivery agents should get updated about the status of the drug delivery at each step so that all information is current.

Admin Panel 

  • Inventory Management: This feature allows the administrator to stay up to date on all items and stock levels. They should also be informed of the product’s expiration date.
  • Promotion & Marketing Tools: They should be able to execute marketing efforts that bring in additional consumers. This allows them to contact additional pharmaceutical firms.
  • Suppliers & User Management: The admin should be able to control the app’s producers, suppliers, and users through their online profiles.
  • ROT Profits Tracking: An administrator should be able to verify his earnings at any time of year, whether it is a month, quarter, or year.
  • Report Generation: They should be able to obtain all data about the app’s process so that they may produce an up-to-date report on it.

How Can You Earn Money From Medicine Delivery App Development

There are a lot of ways to earn money from your medicine delivery app development services. You must choose the smartest ones that will benefit your business. Some of the monetization methods are:


This is the fundamental model that all apps adhere to. Because an on-demand medicine delivery application offers pharmaceutical businesses a platform via which they may sell their products/medicines to customers. These companies are charged a specific percentage of commission on the medicines sold or the number of sales made on a daily basis.

Featured Listing

This is a specific part of medicine delivery app development on either the homepage or the search bar, where e-pharmacy applications offer sponsored results from pharmaceutical firms or medicine shops.

Sell Ads

Medicine delivery apps may offer space for ads of any of the following, which is another fantastic way to generate income through an online pharmacy app:

  • Pharmaceutical organizations
  • Insurance companies
  • Diagnostic stores
  • eWallet firms
  • Hospital brands and chains

Cost Estimation Of Medicine Delivery App Development

There are various factors affecting the cost of medicine delivery app development. Some of these factors are:

  • Development platform (Android, iOS or Windows)
  • Development timeline
  • Development partner (with respect to geolocation)
  • Features and functionalities you want your app to perform
  • Technology stack integrated with medicine delivery app development (advanced or basic)
  • Third-party integration

If you want to fight with the main companies and add unique bespoke features to your medicine delivery app development solutions, the cost of app development might exceed $ 200,000 dependent on 3rd party integrations and feature list. Whereas, if your plan to include basic features then an MVP may cost around $16,000-$30,000.

Final Words

Nowadays, on-demand apps are all the rage. Every sector is embracing the app world, from ordering food online to buying clothes, groceries, and now even medications. Customers are becoming digital and want to buy everything from the convenience of their own homes, therefore these sectors and enterprises must step up the pace to keep up.

Medicine is one of the most important businesses that will continue to grow indefinitely. Medicine delivery applications have quickly gained popularity and a position in the app market and app stores. So if you are planning to upgrade your chemist store or pharmacy, you must get a medicine delivery app from the right mobile app development company.

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