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Online Language Learning App Development | Features and Costing

775 Views | 6 min | July 22, 2021
language learning app development

Do you want to learn new languages, but the institute charges are too high? 

Now you don’t have to worry, technology will help you to learn a new language with the online language learning app. 

These apps will help users in learning new languages that too at affordable prices. An online language learning app is just like any other eLearning app. Where users get regular online classes and can also get certificates after the completion of the course.  

These online language learning apps have very useful and advanced features that make things easier for users.

People were looking for some alternatives to these expensive language teaching institutes, which charge unbelievably high for the language learning course. With the help of online language learning apps now users can learn something new at affordable prices. 

In this blog, we will tell you how you can develop such an interesting online language learning app for your users and can earn good revenues.  

Reason for Developing An Online Language Learning App

There is a huge demand for online language learning apps. It is also recorded that the global market for the digital language learning industry will grow dramatically as per Statista.  

Many popular language learning apps are making new records every year. Duolingo app is one of the most popular apps. In April 2021 this app gained more than 5 million users in a single month. Due to such huge downloads, this app became the most popular online language learning app worldwide.

All these data and stats clearly show that the users are very keen to use online language learning apps. This means it can be considered as one of the best app development businesses.

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Popular Online Language Learning Apps

Here we have mentioned some of the most popular online language learning apps. These apps are highly liked by users. Most of the apps have more than 5 million users and downloads. Whether it is German, French, Chinese, English any language can be learned using these apps.

top language learning app

Hongen Shizi
Rosetta Stone
Language Learning
Hello Talk

Features of An Online Language Learning App

Features of the app decide what you will be offering to your users. There is no need to add extra features or countless features to the app. Add relevant features which will make your online language learning app user-friendly. Below there is a list of some important features read carefully.

features of language learning app


Add this “Sign-in feature” to your app, so that users can add their basic details and start with the online language learning course. Just like we have accounts on Facebook and Instagram, in the same way this “Sign-in” feature will help your user to connect with the app better. 

Profile Management

This feature will help users to maintain their profile on the app. They can save the online lectures, can attend online classes, etc. Users can manage their profile as they want, can download videos, make their notes, and do other important things. 

Language Selection

Allow users to select the language they want to learn.  A maximum number of language learning options will attract more and more users. So this is again an important feature that should be added to your online language learning app.


If you offer a certificate after the completion of the course this makes your online language learning app even more trustworthy. Users believe that your app and faculty are genuine and professional which will attract more users.

Regular Exams To Improve Learning

Provide regular online exams or weekly exams for the users so that they can see their potential. With regular exams, they can realize whether they can comprehend the course or they need more guidance. This feature again makes your app user-friendly.

Admin Panel

AdminPanel will help to manage every step and occurrence of the app, the details of every user, payments, teachers boarding, special offers, etc. The Admin panel is very important for every app development process. If you want to learn more about the importance of the Admin Panel, read eLearning app development. The Language learning app features are quite similar to the eLearning app. 

Payment Options

For advanced courses and video learning, you can charge users a reasonable amount. Therefore provide different payment modes to the users so that they can pay comfortably. 

Chatbot / Support

In case of any help and support, users can put their query with the help of this feature. This is again a very user-friendly feature that can be added to the app.

How to Develop Best Language Learning Software

Before we start something big we have to make a proper plan. We need to give the right execution to the idea. In this part, we will be discussing those points which can be used to build an online language learning app. 

Select Your Budget

First thing is first, you need to check your budget. According to your budget, everything can be planned further. Once you have selected the budget, now you can start with the app development process. 

It is very important to set a budget before online language learning app development because many best app development ideas flopped due to a lack of budget management. People invest too much money in the app development process and ignore the later stages of promotion and advertisement. There needs to be proper money management for every step of the app development process. 

That is why it is suggested to prepare an effective budget, where you can manage all the things properly. Invest reasonable money as and when needed. You can also take the help of a mobile app development company for this step. 

Decide Your Target Audience

Now it is time to select what age group people you would like to focus on. Do you want the app for kids, adults, and school-going people? You need to choose your target audience so that the app development process can proceed as per that.

Do you want to offer your users a full-time course with certification or are you just offering a general platform for basic learning? You need to understand all that. Depending upon your target audience the features of the app will be designed. Therefore work on this point very well because, based on this, the entire structure of the app depends.

Choose Mobile App Development Company

Once you are done with the above two points, it is time to decide on the right mobile app development company for your online language learning app.

The company will provide you developers, testers, and UI/UX designers for the app development. They all work together to provide you with the best functioning app. They make sure the latest and modern software is used in the app development process.

Taking help from a mobile app development company is much better than hiring professionals separately. If you hire tech experts separately then their cost is comparatively high and there is a lack of coordination which directly affects the on-time delivery of your project. So hire a company that can offer you complete support for app development with the best testers, developers, and UX/UI designers.

Cost Required to Develop Language Learning App

The cost of any app development process depends on few points, like:

Which mobile app development did you choose? 

Hiring developers, testers, and designers from which country?

Adding basic features or advanced ones?

What tech stack are you using?

More such points decide the app development cost. The cost of your online language learning app will keep on increasing with every latest and modern feature and software you use in the development process.

Developing an app with the latest software requires time. As the number of hours keeps on increasing, the cost of the app will also increase. The developers and testers charge as per the hours. If we roughly calculate the current market then the cost required to develop an online language learning will be around $20, 000 – $ 40,000. If you want to develop an app like Duolingo then the cost will reach $75000. 

App development cost is high these days, and it requires even more if you want to build an app from scratch. Therefore if you do not have that much budget then you can also opt for our white label solutions and can get started with your business immediately. We offer fully customized apps through our white label app development solutions. To know more and for a free demo call us today.


We know how many people face problems with language. Whenever we go to any new place we need to learn their mother tongue for a fluent communication. And it is too old and time-taking to go for offline classes when you can get services at your convenience. 

With the help of an online language learning app, one can simply use the app any time he needs and translate the things as per their requirement.

Online learning has evolved beautifully after 2020 and this industry is growing continuously. Whether it is an eLearning app or an online language learning app. Users are looking for online solutions for everything nowadays. And to provide users with the best services, technology is also advancing every day.

So the right mix of technology and the need of users has given rise to this online language learning app development. If you are planning to start any new app development business then you can think of this.

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