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Create An App Like Whatsapp | WhatsApp Business Model

1102 Views | 4 min | December 24, 2021

Because messaging apps like WhatsApp play such an essential part in daily life, the most prominent companies in this category have a large number of users and generate a lot of money thanks to the different monetization options available. If you’re wondering how to design a chat app like WhatsApp but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the correct spot.

WhatsApp is used to generate revenue through a subscription model. It cost $1 to download and then $1 every year after that. Meta later dropped the $1 price and made WhatsApp a free service, figuring that consumers would use it to interact with companies and businesses would cover the cost.

It’s the app that keeps us in touch with our family, friends, and coworkers. WhatsApp’s features use for a number of applications. As a result, it has become a necessary tool in our daily life. The platform may be used for both professional and personal purposes and has a wide range of uses. For example, we utilize apps like WhatsApp to send text or voice messages, photographs, and videos to our loved ones and friends.


Timeline of WhatsApp

  • Jan Koum and Brian Acton are the founders of the company.
  • Facebook is the parent company.
  • Foundation: In 2009 
  • Menlo Park, California, USA is the company’s headquarters.

timeline of whatsapp

WhatsApp Business Model

The main question now is: what is the WhatsApp business model, and how much money did an app like WhatsApp make? The cornerstones of the WhatsApp business model are as follows:

whatsapp business model

Revenue Model of WhatsApp

Following its 2014 acquisition of WhatsApp, Facebook has created a new revenue-generating plan. The following are a few of the company’s most recent revenue-generating projects.

revenue model of whatsapp

WhatsApp for Business 

This, WhatsApp Business, an enterprise app, was introduced in January 2018 to help small enterprises. This program was created to assist companies in interacting with their clients or shoppers. Furthermore, Facebook introduced WhatsApp Enterprise Solution for multinational organizations with a global customer base. They could provide e-commerce or customer care over a WhatsApp conversation.

WhatsApp Payment 

In this model, WhatsApp Payment is a payment processing service available solely in India. WhatsApp will cooperate with banks to provide its users the ability to perform payments and financial transactions. For such solutions, the company would be able to earn a commission.


Important Features Of An App Like Whatsapp 

features in app like whatsapp

Chat Encryption

This is the feature that will most likely help you acquire the confidence of your users. You give encrypted communications via this feature, and the message supplied by the user is delivered straight to the receiver.

If there are any fraudulent practices taking place in the midway, individuals will try to get the message content and change it to their advantage. That is not going to happen.

The encryption ensures that messages are not disclosed or leaked to third parties without the person’s authorization via the app.

Push notifications

This function needs that the mobile chat software operates in the background, somewhat reducing the phone’s battery. Many users, however, are willing to enable this in order to not miss any incoming communications. 

Furthermore, when messages are sent to a person who is temporarily offline, the chat software may allow them to be marked as “important” and given alerts through e-mail or SMS.

Group Chat

By default, all members of a group have the same ability to submit messages and add or delete people. We can change these requirements, for example, to add a moderator for group chats or to make a group inaccessible to nonmembers.

Media file transmission

Aside from emojis and text messages, people like sharing photographs, stickers, and GIFs. Sometimes, especially in a real-time messaging app, a single brief image tells it all. Stickers are also one of the best ways to monetize a messaging service.

Files sharing

It’s difficult to imagine a chat app like Whatsapp that doesn’t enable users to exchange photographs, movies, and other forms of content. This functionality will require access to device storage as well as a fast file transmission method.

Story and Status

The chat app’s status option is comparable to Instagram’s “story” function. It allows your users to post text, photo, video, and GIF updates that are visible for 24 hours before disappearing. To see status updates from and to your contacts, make sure they have each other’s phone numbers in their address books.

Money Transfer

Users can send money from their bank accounts to another WhatsApp user within the app using WhatsApp Payments. The transfer is displayed in the UI by a message-like icon that contains information such as the amount sent, the bank account utilized, and the transaction ID.


Multiple privacy settings are accessible in an app, including concealing last seen, restricting the audience, choosing who you want to reveal your profile photo to, deleting messages, About facts, and Status.

Video and voice calls

You can enable video and audio calls for your users, making your talking app even more dynamic. In this manner, your users may have an unlimited calling option on how they engage and speak with one another without having to spend a single dime. 

Even if the user’s contact is in a different country, the chat software provides free audio and video communication between users using a reliable internet connection and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Cost Of Building An App Like WhatsApp

Cost of developing an app like Whatsapp determines by the features you desire in your mobile app. The more features your software has, the more it will cost.

As a result, it’s critical that you spend some time researching and understanding your app’s requirements and goals. Create a strategy based on this, covering all of the features and functions you want in your instant messaging software. 

Summing up

WhatsApp’s popularity stems from its rapid growth. It does not imply that its founders had solutions for a different platform from the start. They were releasing them one by one at a good rate, which resulted in amazing outcomes. WhatsApp combines a stunning but simple look with clever functionality. Because there are so many WhatsApp clones on the market, it may be difficult to outperform competitors. But we’re confident that if you put your heart and soul into your product, it will not disappoint.

The messaging app industry is constantly evolving, and there is still room to establish an app like WhatsApp with a sizable market share.

A messaging app like WhatsApp, in many ways, represents the future of communication. They enable people from all over the world to communicate for free. Real-time chat app like WhatsApp has surpassed SMS and are on their way to supplanting phone calls owing to VoIP functionality.

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