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How To Develop An App Like Myntra At An Affordable Price

1427 Views | 4 min | February 24, 2021

The advancements of mobile devices have brought a revolution in every sector of the business, majorly in the eCommerce market. By getting a mobile application developed, the eCommerce companies are attracting high number of customers and generating higher revenues. As a result, the majority of the population today is shopping and buying products online be it getting groceries or even a small item like ice cream.

Apps like Myntra have a great effect on the fashion industry as they act as a single rooftop for various brands. People who find themselves admiring fashion and style have to keep themselves updated with the recent trends of the global market. Apps like Myntra have given an opportunity to the manufacturers and the designers to participate in direct communication with the audience. 

The success of Myntra in the market has made investors chase multiple mobile application development companies to develop an app like Myntra. These companies understand the user’s requirements and hence are ready to provide them with a solution accordingly. This blog demonstrates how can an app like Myntra be created.

Essential Features For An App Like Myntra

The cost of developing an app like Myntra or any shopping app depends on the features and functionalities included in the app. The basic features that an app like Myntra must have are:

  • Registration: Users like to register into the sites where the registration process is simple and basic minimum information is required for registration. If your app requires a lot of data then the users will drop out of the registration process. 
  • Social Media Integration: The best way to save the user’s time for login and registration is by integrating social media. This feature allows users to sign up using their social media accounts. This way, the user can share the offers, ideas, etc. to the ones added with him on the particular social media platform.
  • Push Notifications: These are the most important feature of the mobile app. It is integrated to notify the users regarding any offers and discounts. In this regard, it allows the companies to directly connect with their customers.
  • User Interface: The design of the UI must be attractive and appealing as it helps to attract more customers. This will lead your customers suggesting your app to other people. This results in expanding customers and branding.
  • Product Review: This feature allows the users to rate the products and services provided by the application. By giving users the permission to survey and rating on the products and services allows the business to focus on the weaknesses and modify accordingly.
  • Check-Out: After the user has decided what to purchase from the app, the check-out should be smooth and quick. Quick check-out would also refer to checking the user’s profile and then accordingly monitoring the transportation and location to deliver the product. 
  • Multiple Payment Integration: By integrating standard payment gateways, you are making sure that the customers are successfully purchasing their items conveniently. The users should be given the liberty to make payment according to the choice be it plastic cards, net banking, online payments, cash on delivery or any other method.

  • Security: The users should make sure that they submit the correct details in the app including cards data, bank account details, address, etc. The app should make sure that the information gathered should be kept confidential.
  • Purchase History: The app should provide users with their purchase history so that they can follow the same payment method again. This will also enable the users to view what they missed last time and repeat any order. 
  • Google Analytics: Analytics is essential to monitor the performance of the products and business. The companies can differentiate the user experience according to the highlights. The information collected will help in further development.
  • Advanced Filters: Integrating advance filters will help the users in locating particular products according to their location, budget, etc.

These are a few features that determine the cost of the development of an app like Myntra. 

Cost Of Developing An App Like Myntra

Developing an app like Myntra means handling an enormous amount of data. This data includes user-oriented content, product information, videos, photos, etc. The cost of development of an app like Myntra depends on various factors and below mentioned are some main considerations:

  • Platform: The cost of development with regards to the platform, differs with different platforms. The cost of development is different for Android, iOS and Windows. For Myntra, the cost of development is lesser for iOS than Android.
  • Design: Engaging a UI and UX design that is attractive is an essential component in the development process. The development of an app like Myntra that works in the fashion industry usually cost high due to its outstanding design. Using the best designing tools and consulting a good designing team can help to reduce the cost.
  • Size: App size is determined by the features and functionalities included in the app. The cost of development is directly proportional to the number of features added. If the core features are added in the first prototype of the app then the cost could be reduced.
  • Designer: The development of an app like Myntra cost differently for different designer teams. Hiring a professional developer is a crucial step as it would lead to the evolution of the app.
  • Developer: The factors that would determine the costing of the developer teams are geographical location, expertise level and experience for the development of an app like Myntra.
  • Basic Features: Integrating basic features in the app like Myntra like rating/review, user profile, bar code/QR code, etc. would not cost much.
  • Advance Features: Integrating advanced features in an app like Myntra including geolocation, verification, data sync and transform and many more require a higher cost. Choosing the right mobile application development process will help to reduce the cost in this section. 
  • Mobile Wallet: By integrating a mobile wallet in an app like Myntra, you can get rid of the payment inconveniences. Customers usually enjoy this functionality because of the ease of payment.



The fashion industry today is growing immensely and it is presumably the right time to get an app like Myntra developed for the best revenue generation of their business. Being a proven leader in the eCommerce industry, Myntra has been set up as an inspiration to the companies who are moving their business into the digital world.

Your dream to run a successful eCommerce business in the digital world can be brought into reality with a clear vision, great team, tool and development phase. If you are looking forward to developing an app like Myntra for your business, I suggest consulting a mobile application development company for more knowledge. 

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