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Best On Demand Apps Which Can Earn Good Revenues In 2021

828 Views | 7 min | March 4, 2021
top on demand apps of 2021 and trending

We all saw how 2020 treated us and has changed everything just in one year. It was a year that was dedicated to technology. If the apps and digitalization weren’t that active then we couldn’t have imagined fighting this covid phase. Whether it is ordering things online, working from home, getting salaries direct to the accounts, or transferring money to other accounts all such happen because of technology. Therefore on demand apps whether it is for grocery, health, medicine, dairy is running very successfully in the market these days. The demand for developing such apps is really high nowadays. On demand apps actually provide our instant service. These apps help connect users to the service provider immediately and provide them any sort of service within a few minutes.

We have been using apps like ferns and petals, uber and urban clap for a very long time now and these apps have earned very good revenues. There are even more such on demand apps or companies that are generating unexpected revenues with their home delivery services. In this blog, we will see the top 7 on demand apps that have earned the biggest revenues for their company.


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Why Are These On Demand Apps A Good Earning Source?

why are these on demand apps are good earning

There are many app development businesses but entrepreneurs are looking more and more for better on demand apps because they are pretty good revenue-generating options. We are so dependent on technologies that we would prefer to download an ice cream app to get a scoop of our favorite ice cream. So when it comes to major things, we need to make sure every aspect is covered whether it is safety, schedule delivery, or quality of the products. 

On demand apps not just deliver our needs but also give us safe and quality products. These apps earned our loyalties and now are winning the market with their properties and high revenues. Some of the top reasons people prefer these on-demand apps are:

1. Safety

Safety is the prime concern of everyone after this covid-19. Although the number of covid cases has decreased yet it is not too safe to go out in crowded places. So online delivery apps are the best option to order your daily needs rather than going to malls or markets. The product before reaching the users is sanitized properly, the person who delivers it also takes full precautions. Through these on-demand apps, users actually do not come in contact with the person and hence they feel safer and remain healthy at home yet getting their daily needs. 

2. Quick Delivery

These apps really follow a scheduled delivery scheme. In some apps, you can also select the day and time when you actually expect the delivery. They are very accurate and in-case if they do not deliver the product on the mentioned day. Users can also put a complaint or register a short reminder through the app for rescheduling or delaying the delivery. This flexibility gives users the power and freedom to change their delivery details whenever and wherever they want. 

3. Good Quality

Undoubtedly the quality of the product is also very important if we buy something. Users never want to compromise with the quality when he is paying a reasonable amount. Therefore the quality of the product is very primary for these on demand apps. In any case, if the quality is ignored then the user immediately withdraws his attention from that app. Therefore provide them a platform where they can see the reviews and can get ideas about the product.

4. Easy Payment

There are so many standard payment modes available online like Paytm, google pay, e-wallets, and many more. On demand delivery apps give their users flexibility even by selecting their preferred payment mode. Whether they want to pay through cash or card, that is completely their choice. This option also creates good loyalty bonds among users. 

5. Convenient

These apps can be accessed from any device whether it is android, iOS, or Microsoft. Users don’t have to worry about login issues while using the app. The app must be easily compatible with all software and should work smoothly on all devices. This makes it easily available for all the users and therefore it gains so much popularity in such a small time.

6. Easy To Use

Now if we talk about how these on-demand apps work, then it is also very easy. You just have to download it from the play store and then simply you are good to go. Users just needs to mention their basic details like name, age, and gender. It can also be login from FB or GMAIL. So using these on demand apps is also not rocket science. Just a simple login and anyone can place their order. 

7. Smart Services

In order to change your product details or if any user wants to ask for refunds, “on-demand apps” also give accessibility to such things. If the user is not happy with the product or with the quality of the product, they can easily put it for exchange or refund. Within 36 hours the cashback or refund is processed. Provide users a feature of review and feedback because it may help them from refund or return complexities. This feedback feature will help users to understand the quality of the product even better and will make the app more friendly. So over-all these smart services make these on demand apps even more trendy.

8. Good Discounts And Offers

During some festivals, you can also see good discounts and offers on your favorite items. Such apps provide the feature of promo codes that users can apply to avail of nice discounts on the actual price. This is also a very big reason why people fall for such on-demand apps.

Costing Involved In Developing Such Apps.

factors that effect costing of the apps

If you are planning to develop an on demand app and curious to know about the costs involved in this. Then given below are the sections where you need to invest your money while planning to create on-line demand. 

1. The Design of The App

This is very important because every app is recognized by its logo or design. The design of the app should be unique and creative. This attracts users and makes your app look different from others.

2. Log-in Process

`Secondly, it comes to the login process. Try to keep it simple don’t add too many complexities. Too many details might irritate the user and he can use some other app instead of yours. Just ask for basic details like name and address. For more details connect with our experts for this on demand app development.

3. Number of Product Categories

Now provide them a section where they can choose the category or can easily locate their requirement or product. This segregation help user to manage things easily. Making a proper category of the products available on the app will definitely bring the costing of the app up but it will be worth it because this categorization feature helps your user in understanding their needs and make the app more user friendly. 

4. Accessibility ( should be easily accessible on every device)

The app should be easily accessible on every device. It is not necessary that people will use apps only on mobiles but would like to log in from computers or laptops too. So in order to make it more user-friendly try to provide this feature. Accessibility through different software will also increase the budgeting of your app. 

5. Marketing and Advertising

Now once the app is developed, it is very important to bring it on different platforms so that it can come to users’ knowledge. This is important and you really need to pay a good amount for this. Although this might sound non-technical this is also a very important feature to pay attention to and invest your money in. This helps in the future and the long run of the app. 

6. Maintenance of The App

This feature is actually for future reference, like if after a few years you need to update your app with any add-on property then you need to invest your fund in this also. Obviously, you can’t leave the app once it is developed. You need to do fabrication in it with time and this could only be done with this maintenance feature. So keep your funds ready for this too.

Few Top On Demand Apps of 2021

top on demand apps of 2021

There are few on demand apps that are showing tremendous growth and earning good revenues.

  • Swiggy

This on demand app for food delivery is really liked and used by billions of people. This was initially started just for food delivery but now it is also delivering grocery items and even more. It has branches in different cities in India and is known best for food quality and service.

  • Ferns and Petals

One of the most loved apps for birthday gifts and tasty cakes. This app provides its users a very nice way to schedule their delivery. They take the order offline and online. You can choose your exact time and date for the delivery. If you are also planning to create an amazing gift delivery app like ferns and petal then click here to read more.

  • Grofers

If you are looking for the best grocery online shop, then grofer is the best option for you. They have categorized the need of the user very nicely. They also provide you a section where you can choose your own time and place where you need your order to be delivered. Again a very user-friendly app. Make your own on demand grocery delivery app with our expert team.

  • Big Basket

Big basket is also leading on demand app for home and personal items. If you are planning to develop an app like a big basket does let us know. Big basket is one of the leading on demand app which deals in delivering your daily needs like, dairy, pulses, vegetables, and fruits, etc.

  • Urbanclap

If you want to pamper your body and want to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Then this on demand app provides you service at home. Just by sitting at home, you can place an order for your personal care.

  • Netmeds

Looking for on-demand medicine delivery? The best and the safest app where you can get genuine and all kinds of medicines. Such apps are really too much in demand. If you want to develop a telehealth app then contact us for advice.

  • Train Man

Looking for an instant ticket or hotel booking app? This is the best app for your search. Here you can book flight tickets, train tickets, and even book rooms in hotels. Have safe and easy payment gateways. Fully trusted and registered app.


On demand apps are really trending these days. People are looking forward to developing such apps because they generate good revenues. With a little investment, you can get beautiful results. If you also planning to create apps like this then you can contact our experts for more details and advice.

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