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10 Features that will Make On Demand Grocery Delivery App Unique

1224 Views | 4 min | February 19, 2021
on demand grocery app

Technology has penetrated into our lives so deeply that now we can not even imagine our lives without technology for a second. Be it talking over phones, eating ice cream, or gifting flowers to your loved ones. 

People just tap, order and boom! The items are delivered to the doorstep. People look for comfort and convenience. And in such a scenario, having on demand grocery app will not only make users attract to you but will also increase your revenues.

There are many apps like Grofers, BigBasket which are big in grocery apps. know what features will make your app unique.

Why make On Demand Grocery Delivery App

On Demand Grocery Delivery Apps are becoming famous these days due to many reasons that are useful both for the user and the aggregator. Let us know the top 3 reasons-

  • Convenience

The app provides users the advantage of getting their products available just with one tap. They don’t have to hustle and get themselves to market to buy a product. Everything is easily available. And people look for comfort.

  • Availability

The apps are the online thing and they show the results anytime and anywhere. Therefore users feel the freedom to order the items anytime they want. The power of buying is the essence of today’s customer market.

  • Better reach

Like the user can access the product and relevant results from a single app. The app maker can also get more busters with the app. They can reach more people and this helps in increasing of revenues and profits.

Well, these were just 3 very basic reasons to advocate on demand grocery app development. There are many other reasons like, better networking b business expansion, profits, etc that indicate the strong support and benefits of developing on demand delivery app for your business.

develop on demand grocery app


10 Unique Features for your On Demand Grocery Delivery App

Well, today the technology is advancing so is the competition. And this is why we will talk about 10 exceptional features you can include in your app that will make it outstanding amongst others.

on demand grocery delivery app development

1. Biometric Sign Up

The sign up with the phone number or through social media platforms is now an old thing. The use of AI and advanced technology is what makes you unique and ahead of others.

Try to integrate biometric sign-up like face detection or fingerprint sensor to log in or sign up for the app. This will increase the faith of the user in your app.

2. Voice Search

The browsing and search for desired results is a common feature in the on demand delivery apps today. If you want to make your app different, you can put a voice recognition tool. The user will simply speak the item over the app and the relevant results will be popped out.

3. Wishlisting

Just like the apps Amazon or Myntra have a wishlist where the user can save the items they like to buy in the future. Your on demand grocery delivery app should also have the wishlist feature. In this, the user can save their favorite products and then accordingly buy them the time they want.

4. Frequent Orders

It is quite common in households that items like detergent, flour, bread, etc are needed now and then. If your app has logistics that shows users the number of items they have ordered frequently in the past. And in the future when they order something, they can simply put the items from the frequent order list.

5. Order Scheduling

If the user has the power to get the items at their convenience. It makes users happy. Try to have customized order scheduling for your app. In this, the user has the option to book the time and date on which they want their order to be delivered to them. They can also keep the track of the items in transit.

6. Platform Integration

The app should be able to share and fetch items from different platforms. This will increases the activity of the users over your app. And also, this will provide you more customers that are activated on the other platforms.

7. Payment Options

When the transaction is done online. It becomes important for your app to accept payments from all the other payment gateways. The payment could be done online or COD as per your revenue model. You can also integrate coupon codes etc. This increases custom loyalty towards your app.

8. Profile Customization

Users appreciate those that connect with them. Try to create a connection with your user. Let your user create a profile on your on demand grocery delivery app that lets the user upload their picture, talk about themselves, also share their favorite items that they like to order. You can also have a little dating app situation where you can make people match based on their favorite grocery items. Just a thought!

9. Fastrack Delivery

Try to put your app in two modes. The one with standard delivery and the other in Fastrack delivery mode. In this, the user who wants immediate delivery of the app can ask for Fastrack delivery and pay the extra amount of that. In this way, you will be able to sell your service at better pricing too.

10. Recipe Corner

Personalization is always an added advantage on the business which shows its effects later in the run. If possible try to have some recipe corner or any other content section where you can motivate users to buy products from the app and make different recipes. 

Cost Estimation

On average you can expect on demand grocery app development starting from 8000 US dollars. But if you want to make it unique and different the price could be varied from 8000 US dollars to 25000 US dollars.

You can ask the mobile app development company to provide you the precise app development cost.

Wrap Up

There is a constant dominance of technology in form of apps. After the 4G networking took place, the use of the internet and mobile phones is a new way of living a lifestyle. And now when it comes to phone apps, the on demand delivery apps have definitely changed the lifestyle.

 If you want to multiply your business profits and reach more customers, it is important you take the road of technology and get yourself on demand grocery delivery app developed.

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