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How To Develop An On Demand Flower Delivery App Like Ferns N Petals

1411 Views | 5 min | February 5, 2021

The best way to show your love and affection for someone has always been through flowers. Sending flowers or bouquets via post to someone has been an old school method but not too old for someone to stop practising. There are apps like Ferns N Petals, MyFlowerApp, FlowerAura, Interflora and many others that already exist in this business. They have expanded their on demand flower bouquet delivery business and enabled the population to send flowers to their loved ones.

The on demand flower and bouquet delivery business is one of the best way-outs for companies. It does not need high investment but little knowledge of technical subjects. The already existing flower shop owners have recognized the market behaviour. Hence, they have taken on the online delivery services for flower and bouquet to run their business smoothly. 

Coping up with the evolution in technology, the florists have understood the method to grow their company. Introduction of an on demand delivery application with efficient admin panel has become a necessity. The applications would allow users to pick, customize and send flowers bouquets to their loved ones in just a couple of taps on their smartphone. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the on demand flower delivery app is going to grow in the M-Commerce market undoubtedly.

Types Of On Demand Flower Delivery App

The flower delivery apps can be developed in two models which are discussed below:

Dedicated to a Brand

As you can guess, dedicated applications are particularly developed for a specific brand or a flower company. The motive of this model is that the company/business reaches more customers and expands its business and operations. In this model, the customers get direct services from the brand associated. 

Aggregator Apps

Aggregator models serve as an online platform where all the florist shops are brought together. The customers can check the flower bouquet hampers offered by the different florists and pick the one that matches their requirements.

In this model, the on demand flower delivery app owners do not have their own inventory. They charge a specific amount of commission from the florists that register on the application.

Features Of The On Demand Flower Delivery App

The on demand flower delivery app attracts a huge commercial audience as it allows the customers to order their favourite flowers in one click. Since the cost of developing this application primarily depends on the features you include in it and the platform integrated.  There are many features that your on demand flower delivery app can consist of. Below are a few of them that your application must have:

  • Tutorial Screen: Before actually using the app, the customers should be introduced with a tutorial which would demonstrate the features and functionalities of the app. 
  • Login and Registration: The users should be able to register themselves using an email address, contact details, or social media platforms. After registering, they can log in to view their profile or edit any information.
  • Delivery & Pickup Scheduling: Customers should be able to pick the date and time of sending or receiving flowers according to their convenience. 
  • Order Tracking: The application should facilitate real-time tracking of the orders so that the customers can get instant updates at every delivery stage.
  • Price Estimation: After the customer selects the items to be delivered, he should be able to estimate the overall price and compare with other items provided by the store.
  • Push Notifications: The customers should receive real-time notifications for the offers and discounts on various products as this is a strong tool for targeting multiple customers in one click.
  • Order Status: The status of the order (cancelled, shipped, delivered, etc.) should be visible to the users and they should be able to retrieve previous order details from the history.
  • Search Filter: The customers should be able to browse or search for flower bouquets by filling the appropriate keywords for the quick and efficient search process.
  • Multiple Address: Customers should be given the privilege to add multiple addresses and while ordering a product they can choose whichever address they want for delivery.
  • Rating & Review: The users should share their feedback regarding their experience with the application by rating it or sending a review. If good, they can share photos or links on social media platforms to build an online reputation for the business.
  • Verification: The users should be sent a link for confirmation to verify their email address. They should also be sent an e-invoice to confirm their order details.
  • Payment Methods: The application should be integrated with standard payment gateways. Customers should be able to make payments via cards, net banking, or even cash on delivery.
  • In-App Helpline: The application should have an in-app chat and calling facility so that the users can communicate with the delivery agents and get regular updates on their orders.
  • Favourites: There should be a favourite section in the application where users can save their favourite items from the store for sharing or ordering purposes.

Revenue Model Of On Demand Flower Delivery App

Below given are a few ideas on how you can generate the revenue of your on demand flower delivery app:


For every order placed through the app, the mobile owner can charge a certain amount as commission. This is one of the most popular ways of generating revenue in apps of the aggregator model that is allowing the owners to charge the florists or store owners and generating an income from that.

Feature List

The on demand flower delivery app should include a featured list that displays the top service providers appearing on the homepage of the application. Since the advertisement for these service providers is shown separately, they can catch the attention of users easily and earn higher revenues. The delivery app owner can charge a certain amount of money from the service providers who wish to be featured for their maximum sales.

Selling Ads

An optimal way to earn money through your app is by adding PPC ads which can be related to flowers, cakes, gifts, etc. The app owner can charge a certain amount of commission for displaying these ads or advertising their business.

How Does On Demand Flower Delivery App Works

Taking your flower delivery business online and delivering on demand flower bouquets will provide a dedicated user base. The customers can be offered an improved and seamless experience as the application follows an exact workflow

  • Exploring categories and their subcategories before placing the order.
  • Packing the order and requesting a delivery agent after receiving the customer’s request.
  • The delivery agents collect the order from the stores and delivery it to the customer
  • The delivery agent collects the payment via any method according to the customer’s convenience.


Undoubtedly, the on demand flower delivery business is growing rapidly in today’s times. Therefore, it is a very big opportunity for startup organizations to grab and introduce their services in this industry. According to Globenewswire, the Indian floriculture market is predicted to reach INR 472 Billion by 2024, growing at a rate of 20.1% during 2019-2024.

If you are looking forward to impressing your customer and offering them better services and experience, you must get an on-demand flower delivery app developed. You can look for the right mobile application development company to get your business started in the digital world.


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