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Why On Demand Ice Cream Delivery App in Summers is a Right Choice?

1126 Views | 4 min | February 12, 2021
icecream delivery app development

Who does not like ice cream? Probably some alien that might be on the moon. Ice creams are the happy food, desert and one of a kind eating article that gives joy and happiness. It is giving lots of revenues too. Especially, if we talk about technology. 

The scoop of ice cream dressed with technology in form of an ice cream delivery app is a new concept but winning the hearts of people. Let us learn why you should consider ice cream delivery app development.

Ice Cream Delivery App Vs Food Delivery App

I know, many people must be thinking that food delivery app like Swiggy, Zomato, or Doordash has already taken the market then why should consider ice cream delivery app rather than making Zomato Clone? 

Well, you might have heard the quote that says- Jack of all cards and master of none. This is what happens when you try to make a common food delivery app. That is why we also advocate developing one niche delivery app just like a flower delivery app.


If still confused, let us focus on the pointers below that will advocate the ice cream delivery app development over the food delivery app.

1. Expert Specialisation

The ice cream delivery app will only deal in ice cream delivery. This means, the user will be able to find all types of ice creams and will be able to order from multiple ice cream vendors. 

The app will be focused on ice cream delivery and the whole menu will have ice creams. The comparison, ratings will not be in general but will be for ice creams. This will make the app expertise in its domain- the ice cream domain. And users like o go for the best. 

2. Less Complex

The user will not have to separately search the ice cream and browse long menus.

Also from your end, you do not need to develop an app that has multiple panels, vendor enrollment, and category classification as everything is related to one- ice cream. 

This will make the app using and developing both a very simple process.

3. More Reliability

 When people learn that the app is only dealing with the ice creams they will have psychology to be dependant on the app for the reviews that are purely based on ice cream flavors.

Whereas, in the general food delivery apps, the user cannot be completely dependant on the reviews. The reviews for the restaurant may be true for the pizza but not for the ice cream Therefore, more honest and accurate reviews will attract the user towards the ice cream delivery app.

4. Budget-Friendly

If you make an app that has more vendors, food items, and drivers associated. It will cost you a lot technically and non-technically. The app with one kind of variety will be easier to store the information and also enroll the employees and t the same time it will be not brain straining process. 

The food delivery on the other hand, will require heavy logistics and panel coordination for storing a big database.

5. Less Waiting Time

Have you ever suffered the buffer time? The time tells that there is more waiting time than expected. It happens when the food delivery person picks more than 2 orders of 2 different food items for different restaurants. This creates a bad impression for the user as they have to suffer from a long waiting period. 

In the case of an ice cream delivery app, having one kind of item just saves time. No multiple order picking and quick deliveries. The best Examples are Pizza hut and Dominos. Due to single food item delivery that bet 30 minutes guarantee delivery. Which is a kind of USP.

Potential of Ice Cream Delivery App

The ice cream is not just a desert or an enjoyable food but has a strong market because of its fans. The popularity of ice cream and its likability has never been the question of doubt. 

Even if we talk about the stats and facts, there are some Brain Freezing revelations related to the ice cream industry. 

  • The ice cream industry is expected to grow by 75 million dollars by 2024.- Statista
  • There is a 30% increase in the market size of icecream in the next 5 years- Statista
  • There are more than 60,000 Tons of ice cream produced in the USA alone.- brandongaille
  • Ice cream is two times popular than cake.- brandongaille
  • In a survey by America, it was shown that people eat ice cream at least once a week on average.themobilescoopshop 

What else you need to know about the craze of ice cream. I think this will be enough to melt your heart for the ice cream delivery app!

If this is not enough, let us learn how you can earn by developing an ice cream delivery app.

ice cream app development

Revenue Generation for Ice Cream delivery App

Here are some of the basic ways through which you can expect good earning from your app.

icecream delivery app

1. Driver Commission

When you enroll drivers, you do not pay but kind of earn from them. By enrolling a driver the amount that is used in delivery services. Some amount of it goes to the driver and some part of it goes to the app as the app provides the delivery person an order to perform.

2. Vendor’s Profit Sharing

When you collaborate with the ice cream vendor’s you share some revenue with them. Obviously, if your app is being used as a medium for ice cream vendors to reach so many customers online. You will be charging the fee.

3. Promotional Ads

This could be done in two ways. Either you are promoting some third-party app or businesses which could be related to sports, lifestyle, astrology, etc.

Or, you can ask your vendors to pay you for promoting their ice creams at the top of the list. Or simply put their ad banners on the screen of your page.


The scorching sun over the head and the sweat all over you. This is what summers look like. But even after all the sweat and heat, we wait for summers so eagerly? There could be multiple personal reasons but I am sure ice cream will be one of them. With summers drawing upon. I guess this is the right time to think of developing an ice cream app. To know about features and cost. I recommend you consult an expert app development company.

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