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What Does It Take To Develop An On Demand Massage App Like Soothe?

871 Views | 5 min | July 9, 2021
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The on demand market aims to offer ease and convenience through various applications like food delivery apps, grocery delivery apps, home services, massage app, etc. The digitization of businesses has given a shift in consumer behaviour and has welcomed new opportunities for various other businesses.

According to Harvard Business Review, the on demand market has attracted 22.4 million consumers and with $57.6 billion investment per annum. The best thing is that with the revolution of the on demand market many businesses are still looking for the perfect market and massage is one of them.

You may simply enter this market by developing an on-demand massage app that connects massage therapists with customers and allows for efficient service delivery. As consumers, we all want convenience and ease, but the sole need is the quality and trustworthiness of the on-demand market. 

A person in need of massage therapists to relax and rejuvenate may postpone his visit to the local spa. Now, if there is an on-demand massage app that will help you find quality specialists, book an appointment and get the services. This blog will help you get an on demand massage app developed with the best functionalities.

What Makes A Massage App Special?

For your massage app to stand out in the on demand market, it must have something that would make it special. Here are some incredible features that will make your on demand massage application interesting and user-friendly:

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Distinct Offering

This is the first time we’ve seen a distinct version of on-demand become wildly popular in a short period. People are worried all around the world, and Soothe discovered that no app can replace the convenience of a decent massage. This point of distinction not only helped them gain acceptance but also helped them attract investors.


The price range for the various massage services is accurate. When you go to the massage salon, you’ll notice that these professionals are in sync with the cost. In this situation, the fee includes having a massage therapist come to your home for a home massage, which is more comfortable.

On-Board Specialists

Professionals, licenced or certified, and experienced massage therapists are on board, according to the massage app. The software provides total security while also providing convenience through its offerings. It is undeniably popular as a result of this mix.


Massage therapists can schedule as many appointments as they want and work as much as they want. All they have to do now is accept the task they want to do for the day. Once they believe they have earned enough for the day, they can go offline.

No Need Of Set Up

The consumers do not need to do anything to get the therapists to come to their homes. The therapists are responsible for bringing their table and other equipment. They are available on any given weekday (including holidays). This implies that consumers only need to schedule an appointment with the therapist, and the therapist will handle the rest. 

Couples Massage

The massage app allows couples to enjoy their spa and other services in the comfort of their own homes. It is not required for them to merely see hotel rooms.

Important Stages Of Massage App Development

It is crucial to determine the development fundamentals of your on demand massage app for a strong foundation. The app should be built with advanced technologies to keep it updated with the marketplace. Here are some important stages of massage app development:

massage app development

Market Research

After the niche for the massage app is determined, it is essential to analyze the build and the requirements of the application thoroughly. Below are some aspects mentioned to consider:

  • Target Audience: The target audience consists of prospective purchasers. If the massage service’s operating range is focused on regions where there will be the most clients, the firm will earn more. Make the necessary modifications based on your analysis of your target market.
  • USP: There are currently several applications on the market; to stand out, your on demand massage app must have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
  • Target Platforms: Before developing the massage app, the development method for the application, whether native or hybrid, must be selected. The native development approach is focused on apps for Android or iOS while hybrid development is used for concurrent development of iOS and Android apps.
  • Competitor Analysis: Conduct a competition study to better understand your rivals and make the necessary modifications to your one demand massage app.

Massage App Design Process

It is often referred to as the process of developing the front-end. The application’s design must be appealing. The following are the various processes involved in front-end development:

  • Information Architecture: It functions as a route map for the app displays. A full flow chart is generated, with each heading and subsection mentioned. This data is used as a starting point for creating the app’s subsequent pages.
  • Wireframes: These are graphical representations of the items found in the front-end, such as icons, buttons, and so on. The wireframe approach is not concerned with the specifics of each application section.
  • Mockups: These are test runs to see if the massage app is following the design.

Massage App Development 

It is where the massage app is developed: the front-end, back-end, and API are all created at this stage.

  • Backend Development: This is the process where server-side technology and databases are implemented in the app.
  • APIs: Application Programming Interface or APIs are the software that interconnects the app with the backend.
  • Frontend Development: It is the point at which end-users engage, and it has been designed in such a manner that it provides consumers with an engaging and wonderful experience.

Massage App Testing

After the development of on demand massage app is done, the next thing to do is testing. Testing aims to find out any defects in the application and resolve them.

MVP Features That Must Be Included In Your Massage App

The Minimal Viable Product (MVP) product is included in the majority of common development techniques as one for the first release. Later, updates to the application are made in response to consumer feedback, reception, and ideas. The following are some of the elements involved in massage app development:

Simple Registration

People should be able to sign up for the first time in a matter of minutes, and future logins should be practically instantaneous. Customers must be able to sign in at any moment using any of the staff devices and resume where they left off.

Customizable Design

The application must have a user-friendly design so that clients may quickly browse through it. It would be prudent to adhere to the layout that clients are accustomed to so that they feel at peace when using the app. Among the factors to consider throughout the app development process are:

  • Well-spaced icons
  • Information on pages must be minimal and appropriate
  • Consistent colour, font and font size

Tracking Professionals

People are extremely interested in learning about the processes involved in developing the massage app. Customers can find the service professional using real-time tracking tools. They must also be kept up to speed on the progress of the procedure via push notifications.

Flexible Payment

Customers can select from a variety of digital payment methods and COD options that best suit their needs. Integrate with Paytm and PayPal so that clients may pay for services using their mobile app wallets rather than entering payment information each time they order service.


People may contact a massage therapist expert at any time to clear up any doubts, ask inquiries, and so on. This feature provides the individualised service that users have been seeking in the app.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Massage App?

The cost of development of an on demand massage app, such as Soothe, is determined by a variety of variables, including the app’s design, the technology used for development (Android, iOS, or both), the time required for development, the functionality and features, and the developer’s expertise. The approximate cost of development would range from 10000-15000 USD.

Final Thoughts

You are well aware of the brisk growth of the on-demand app business. Your plan to create an on-demand massage app like Soothe, for example, is up to date with current events. You should concentrate on market research and engage a reputable app development company to put your concept into action. Define your plan and begin walking with a solid development team to reach the unicorn goal in the lowest amount of time feasible.

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