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Learn About Alcohol Delivery App Development | Features and Costing

820 Views | 5 min | January 4, 2022
on-demand alcohol delivery app development

We cannot stop counting the benefits of the online Alcohol delivery app. The beverage delivery app recently brought a revolution in the food and beverage delivery business. Users do order soft drinks from the food delivery apps and now they can order their favorite alcoholic beverage through online platforms. 

Alcohol delivery requires a very serious discussion because it needs a lot of legal documentation and certificate to start or develop an on-demand alcohol delivery app. 

The users really like if they can get their favorite drink at their doorstep that is why the alcohol delivery app came into existence.  In fact, after covid-19 this urge has increased unbelievably and given birth to many online alcohol delivery apps. During the lockdown, when everything was banned and there was a complete restriction on going out. During that time people suffered a lot in getting their favorite alcoholic drink because till that time online beverage delivery apps were not very popular. But, now these apps are generating great revenues with their unmatched features and services. 

These apps do provide great discounts and authentic alcohol and follow all the legal guidelines required for liquor delivery app development. 

If you are dealing in any liquor business and want to bring it online, then this is the right time to start with liquor delivery app development. It will help in providing the right platform for your offline business. Start today with our expert team of Mobile App development

Does The Alcohol Delivery App Have a Future?

If you are thinking about, whether this alcohol delivery app will help your offline liquor business grow? Then the answer is definitely “Yes”. Let us talk about this in numbers so that you can clearly understand the worth of developing an alcohol delivery app. 

1. The liquor industry is one of the fastest-growing markets, generating a revenue of $222, 098 mn in 2020.

2. In 2017, the revenue generated by the alcoholic drinks market, worldwide was $1, 439 bn. This data is expected to grow and reach $1,684 bn by 2025.  

3. The worldwide alcoholic beverage market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.0% from 2018 to 2025.

4. Many popular food delivery apps like Uber, Swiggy, and Zomato, and other grocery delivery apps started delivering beverages too. This is only because users are looking for apps that deliver beverages online. 

We believe these stats are enough, but still, if you want to know more about alcohol delivery apps then you may talk to the experts on the same. 

alcohol delivery app development with experts

Some Popular Alcohol Delivery Apps

Move a step forward towards the development process and make things much clear for you. Examples help us understand things better, therefore we bring you a list of popular alcohol delivery apps. 

These apps are used by people all around the world. Having a huge number of user-base with unbelievable revenue graph.  You can read about them by clicking on their respective names. This will help you understand what type of alcohol delivery app you want for your business need. 

popular alcohol delivery apps

If you want to develop an alcohol delivery app and want popularity just like the above-mentioned apps. Then you can contact an experienced app development company and you can start your dream business today.

You can customize the app as per your wish, depending upon your customer and service type. And if you are in hurry and don’t have time to wait then you can also go for white-label app development. 

Depending upon our different client’s requirements we provide versatile app development services. CTA

Common Features of Online Alcohol Delivery App

User/Customer Panel

  • Social Sign-up/login
  • Browse Products
  • Filters ( navigate through different product categories)
  • Place Order
  • Order History
  • Discounts and offers
  • Different payment options
  • Track Order
  • Push Notification
  • Feedback

Admin Panel

  • Register and log-in
  • Liquor store management
  • Customer management
  • Product and price management
  • Order management
  • Payment management
  • Real-time reporting
  • Offers and discounts

Liquor store manager panel

  • Registration
  • Modification of drink’s categories
  • Manage complimentary discounts on snacks
  • Manage prices 
  • Products rating and reviews
  • Manage store earning
  • Generate reports

Delivery manager

  • Manage delivery executives
  • Manage order deliveries
  • Assigning orders
  • Answering customers queries

Advanced Features of Alcohol or Beverage Delivery App

In the above section, we have discussed the basic features that need to be integrated into any alcohol delivery app. But now we will be discussing the advanced features, that will make your app appear more user-friendly and you can offer more services to your customers.

advanced features of alcohol delivery app

Social Login/ Sign-up

This we have discussed earlier also, but to make it more advanced, you can allow your users to sign-up through any social media platform. This will promote easy and quick customer registration. 

Document Upload

We all know there are some government rules that clearly states there are few restrictions on alcohol consumption. Therefore it is very important to ask for id proofs and to make it easier for customers to upload their id proofs easily. It is very important to add this “document upload”. 

Document Scanning

Scanning the documents is another important part of the alcohol delivery app development. That is why it is another advanced feature of an online alcohol delivery app.

In-App Chat

Allow users to connect with your executives through texts in case of any query or doubt. Through in-app chat features, you can stay in direct contact with the customer and can understand their requirement better.

Behaviour Tracking

Depending upon the customer’s latest search or orders, track their behavior and suggest them something as per their search history. This will also help you understand customer choice and during the special occasion, you can provide them offers and discounts on their orders to increase your sale

Multiple Payment Options

Allow users to pay through an e-wallet app or through any medium that suits them. Payment mode should be flexible, you must allow customers to pay as per their convenience.

Monetization Strategies for Alcohol Delivery App

How you can make money from your online alcohol delivery app? 

In this section, we will know how you earn money with the alcohol delivery app. Generating good revenues through business is something we all aim for that is why it is very important to know different monetization strategies:

1. Commissions

One of the very basic monetization strategies accepted by every online ordering and delivery app. Here you get a commission on every purchase made through your app.

2. Featured Listing

In this method, the app owners offer a top spot to the liquor store retailers, so that they can appear at the top of the list and can get the customer’s recognition immediately. The app owners charge a fixed amount to feature the respective store on the top listing. 

3. Advertisements

You can run advertisements of the different alcohol brands and other popular stores on your on-demand alcohol delivery app. You can charge for providing the platform for the advertisement to the others. 

4. Sell additional products

You can have your own e-commerce app for selling the products like beer mugs, wine glasses, other related items. This will attract the customer’s attention and will help you earn good revenue through your on-demand alcohol delivery app.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Alcohol or Beverage Delivery App

The cost required for developing an on-demand alcohol delivery app completely depends upon the points like:

  • Number of hours developers working
  • Country of the developers ( in the US, the starting app development cost will be somewhere near $70,000 – $75,000. This can also increase if you go for any advance changes or modifications. Whereas Asian based companies charges near about $30,000 – $35,000)
  • Features you are integrating into the app
  • Tech-stack used for developing alcohol delivery app. The latest software will be costlier as compared to other basic tech-stack. 
  • Different platforms where you will launch your app

Wrapping Up

Now, it is time to conclude the things and let you decide what do you expect from your online alcohol delivery app. 

Online delivery apps are so popular and safe nowadays. Everyone prefers to shop from an online platform because these are convenient. There are many popular alcohol delivery apps that we have discussed earlier. Therefore it is very clear that users are demanding more such apps so that they can receive their favorite beverage anytime and anywhere. 

On-demand apps are ruling the market and fulfilling the user’s need as soon as possible. Therefore, if you have any plans to invest in an on-demand alcohol delivery app then go for it today. 

cost and feature of online alcohol delivery app

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