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Online Dental Appointment Booking App | Best Dental Software For App

755 Views | 6 min | July 6, 2021
online dental appointment booking app

Have you ever thought about how convenient it would be if you can handle your patient’s booking online? You don’t have to hire any person to stay at the clinic 24×7 to take the booking and to do the rescheduling for the patients.

Now it is possible with the help of an appointment booking app. You don’t have to worry about patient phone calls, rescheduling appointments, and cancellations. Patients can easily do that by themself with the help of an appointment booking app.

This app is useful for dentists as well as for patients. Patients don’t have to stand in queues for appointments and can save their precious time. They can also reschedule their booking as per dentist availability. The online dental appointment booking app will make things easier for app owners as well as for the users.

In this blog, we will help you to understand the need for an online dental appointment booking app and how you should select the right software for your dental app.

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Benefits Of Online Dental Appointment Booking App

In this fast-running world, no one has time to stop and mobile apps emerged as a big help to this “non-stop” next generation.

We don’t have time even for our health. Those times are gone when people used to stand in queues and wait for their turn and meet the doctor. Now people make appointments through apps and schedule things as per their convenience and doctors’ availability with the help of an appointment booking app.

Such apps made things convenient for the users as well as for the app owner. The online appointment booking app will help in streamlining the services you provide to the patient efficiently. Appointment scheduling software helps in:

benefits of an online dental appointment booking app

Saving Time

The online appointment booking app helps in saving patients time. Users do not have to wait in queues for their turn. With the help of this software, users can book appointments with the dentist depending upon their best availability. This will save a lot of time for users as well as for the Dentist. 

Reschedule Booking

With the advanced feature of the app, users can change the time of the appointment at their convenience. The dentist can mention if there is any change with the appointment timings and inform the patient about the change in time with the help of the appointment booking app. Later, users can change the appointment booking time which suits them the best.

Check the Availability of the Dentist

Rather than calling the clinic to know the right time for the appointment, the user can simply check the app and schedule his booking as per the timing slot given. 

There will be no frustration and confusion regarding booking schedules and dentist’s timings. Users can look for the availability of the dentist directly through the app without actually going to the clinic or call.

What To Consider For Dental Appointment Booking App Development

There are few points which you should consider before going for online dental appointment booking app development. It is not easy to build an app associated with a healthcare service.

It is very necessary to check on several points when you are planning to start an online dental appointment booking app. Some of them are mentioned below:

points to consider for dental appointment booking app development

Ease of Users

Always make sure your app is easy to use. Make it interactive yet simple for the users. It should not have any feature or functionality that is difficult to comprehend.

Keep the app simple yet full of important content so that it has all the relevant features and simplicity. To know more about the features and functionality of such apps read our blog here.

HIPAA Compliance

This is very important if you are planning to develop any healthcare-related app. HIPAA helps in keeping the information of the patient confidential and make sure that the patient’s information shall not be disclosed without their consent.

In case of any breach or disclosure of sensitive information about the patient, the organization will be held responsible and the license will be canceled. It is very important to work as per HIPAA compliance

Best Features

Many features can be integrated into the online dental appointment booking app. But you choose only the important one so that you do not have to spend extra on the app features.

Features and designing of the app require maximum cost for the app development process. So it is better to have basic features in the starting and later you can change or upgrade as per the requirement. In the next paragraph, we have discussed a few basic yet relevant features of the app. Read that carefully.  

Choose Best Dental Software 

There is a number of dental management software that is used while developing an online dental appointment booking app.

Later in this blog, we have discussed those software. Depending upon your budget you can choose the best for your app or you can also let the expert do that for you.

You can take the help of technical experts to understand the need and importance of the software. Reach us to understand every aspect of dental app development. 

Features to Integrate Online Dental Appointment Booking App

Below we have mentioned features that are good to go with your online dental appointment booking app. These are basic yet important features that can be integrated into the app to make it more user-friendly and convenient. Let us read them one by one.

features of an online dental appointment booking app

  • Sign Up

Provide a platform where users can sign up and make their profile on the app. Later all the data and information of the users can be saved on their profile.

Any message or update provided by the dentist can be seen on the user’s profile. Appointment details can also be saved there.

It will be like,  Facebook profile where we manage all our friends and posts. Similarly here the user will manage all his appointment details and meet with the dentist.

  • Online Payment

Allow users the convenience to make payments through different modes. Make it open for your user, whether they want to pay by cash, e-wallet, google pay, or by any other digital payment mode. This feature is really helpful and you don’t have to manage payments or fees given by the patients separately. Patients can simply transfer the fees through the online payment mode.

  • Quick Response

Don’t make your user feel like their query is not important to you. Because the patient will not wait for long to get your revert. So it is very important to make your app capable of reverting quickly. With the help of a virtual assistant, you can provide your patient with quick and immediate service and reply. In this way, you can make your app more user-friendly as users will feel that their queries are important to you.    

  • Time Selection

Allow your user to select the right time for the appointment. Time selection or scheduling features are very important to integrate into the appointment booking app. With the help of this feature, users will select or decide the time for the appointment at their convenience. 

List of Top Dental Practice Management Software

Below we have a few dental practice management software that can be used by the dental practitioner to make their app more convenient. Let us study each one of them with their pricing, support, and hosting:

best dental practice management software

1. Curve Dental

This is a cloud-based dental practice management software solution that is designed for small to medium dental practices. It helps manage different facets of the dental practice, from patients’ notes and charts to education, billing, scheduling, reporting, imaging, treatment planning.

HIPAA Compliant: yes

Price: $350/ month

Support: 24/7 live report

Hosting: Cloud-Based

2. Dentrix

It is a cloud-based software suite for dental practices. It offers solo practice, group practices, and DSO organization. You can get access to patient information and customized workflow on-click which makes the rate of work done faster. It provides a complete solution for patient management tools for scheduling, prescription, appointments, and monitoring patient care. Users can also manage billing and accounting through Dentrix.

HIPAA Compliant: Yes

Price: $248/ month

Support: Business hours

Hosting: Cloud-Based

3. Vcita

It allows scheduling free consultations. This is generally for solo practitioners who are looking for help to manage their patient schedule.

HIPAA Compliant: Yes

Price: $15/ month

Support: Business Hours Online

Hosting: Cloud-based, Mobile (iOS, Android)

4. DentiMax

It is suitable for small to midsize practice. DentiMax is a cloud-based solution, so do not have to worry about upgrades or servers. It keeps your data secure and software up-to-date.


Price: $59/ month

Support: Business hours, online

Hosting: Cloud-Based

5. Ace Dental

It offers a wide variety of features to help in the management of a dental office. This is especially for those practitioners who are looking for modern patient services like eReminders (Push notification), Calls, etc.


Price: 1 user – $499, 2 users – $999, unlimited user bundle – $3999

Support: Business hours, online

Hosting: Cloud-based, windows

Final Words

It is not possible to answer every call you receive from your patient, also it is not easy to keep the detail of every patient on records properly. That is why with the help of an appointment booking app, users can be updated easily with every new change and relevant information. You can also have the eRecord of every patient who visits your clinic.
It is wise to bring your service online with the help of an interactive app. It will only add convenience to you as well as to your patients.

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