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How to Build Milk Delivery App| Guide to Milkbasket Clone App

1237 Views | 7 min | April 16, 2021
Milkbasket app clone

Imagine, you woke up Sunday morning and it was already too late. But you want to start your day with good tea or coffee. And suddenly you see, there is no milk in the refrigerator. This will make anyone annoyed and disgusted. Also, you are not willing to go to the departmental store. Now, what can be done?

Here is where the milk delivery app comes to the rescue, with this on-demand milk delivery app, you can order fresh milk anytime you want. Users don’t have to step out to get the milk. Simply use the app, place the order and get safe milk delivery at home.

Milk is a basic requirement for every day. Some like to take it with tea, some like to have it as a healthy drink. Depending upon one’s choice people consume milk. Now the question is how to meet the daily requirement of milk for so many people conveniently? Therefore this concept of “milk delivery app development” has been introduced.

In villages or rural areas, it is easy to get fresh milk but if we talk about urban cities. Well, it is a little difficult. Whether you have to compromise with the quality of the milk or you have to switch to some other healthy drink option. But now that hustle is made easier with the help of a milk delivery app. These apps will help users to get fresh milk anytime they want. 

People were looking forward to such an app because of insufficient milk availability nearby their residential area. There are already few popular online milk delivery apps that are fulfilling the needs of users and are generating good revenues in their respective areas. Some of the popular milk delivery brands are milk basket and daily ninja

best milk delivery app developers 

How Does This Milk Delivery App Work?

Milk delivery app development is a very good business idea because it is really difficult to get fresh and pure milk nowadays. Through the milk delivery app, users can get healthy and pure milk easily at their doorstep. 

To know how this milk delivery app works, read the points given below.

  1. The first step is to develop milk delivery apps from experts.
  2. Let the milk suppliers register themselves. (Milk delivery agency onboarding)
  3. Now let the suppliers decide their respective areas for milk delivery.
  4. Users will order the milk from the app and the notification will reach the nearest milk supplier and they will deliver the milk as per the time mentioned by the user.
  5. The supplier or agent will deliver the milk and the user will pay the amount. For every order and successful milk delivery owner will get the commission.

Scope of Milk Delivery App Development

scope for milk delivery app development

The world is getting advanced every day and so do the services. This is not just about getting modern but it is also about being safe. We all have witnessed the bad phase of the pandemic. When it was difficult to get daily needs like milk, bread, and butter. It was not safe to go out. 

Even now, people whose immunity is compromised are asked to stay away from crowded places, because the proper treatment of covid 19 is not available yet. People are still afraid to go out. Therefore milk delivery app development will be a safe and best possible way for people to get fresh milk at their doorstep.

 Such on-demand apps are really helpful and generate good revenues. One just needs to know the right approach to start a new business like milk delivery app development. 

Let’s take an instance if you are living in an area which is far from departmental stores and you don’t have any means to get fresh milk. Then, what will you do? Either you compromise with the situation or you can be smart enough to use the milk delivery app and get milk delivered right at your address. Users are eagerly looking for an app through which they can get on-time and pure milk supply daily. The demand is high for this app and it will be a good business plan too.

Features of Milkbasket App Clone

You must be confused about what features to integrate into this milk delivery app, to make it more convenient for the users. And depending upon the number of features, the cost of the app development will be decided. So it is also very important to integrate only the main features so that the budget is also in your hand. Let us discuss a few major features for milk delivery apps.

features of milk delivery app


This feature is provided to the users so that they can enter their basic details and can get access to the app. Basic user details include their name and location. Through this login feature, you can connect with the users even better and users will be updated automatically with any new software changes.

Area Selection

Now let the user select its area so that the supplier can easily configure how to deliver milk to the user in the given time. This feature will allow users to select the nearby milk delivery agency and can get the delivery on demand. 

Milk Delivery Schedule Chart

This feature will allow users to schedule or to have a record of all the previous orders and it will be helpful during the payment. This feature is useful because, if you can have a record of the orders then you don’t have to pay extra on any previous supply. If the user is not available at the location then they can also reschedule the milk delivery service

This schedule chart works in a way, where you pick the dates for when you want the milk delivery. You can also, later delete the date or reschedule the plan at your convenience. And users just have to pay for the days when they have received the order.

GPS Tracking

With the help of this feature, the user and the milk deliveryman both can track each other’s location for completing the milk delivery circle. This GPS tracking will allow milk delivery companies to get the exact details of the user. And later in case of any delay by the company, the user can also track the company’s response to the order placed by them. 

ePayment Option

Just like any other mobile app, where users buy things online and easily pay through digital modes. This feature will allow users to pay through debit cards, credit cards, Google Pay, PayPal, etc for their orders.

 You can also provide users an option, whether they want to pay for monthly milk supply or they want to pay daily. Add a feature where users can buy membership or coupons for special days. This feature will make your milk delivery app development more user-friendly.

What to Consider During Milk Delivery App Development

There are few things that you must consider before starting the milk delivery app development business. In this part, we have discussed points that are important for every app development. From money management to its features, everything is mentioned here. Let us start with:
things to consider while developing milk delivery appCosting and Budget
Capital is the primary thing to consider while starting any app development business. It is very important to have the right money management for app development. There are many steps where money is required when you are developing an app, but you have to decide where you need to invest it better. 
You can start by splitting your budget into small expenses. Plan budget for app developers, UI/UX Designers because on that basis you will hire the tech stack for your milk delivery app development. Later decide the budget for promotions, advertisement, and maintenance.
This money management plan will help you to keep things within the budget. If we talk about rough figures, then milk delivery app development will cost nearly about $15000 – $20000.  
Features of the App
Now comes the feature, which you need to integrate into your milk delivery app to make it more appealing. Features of the app consume the maximum part of your budget because for every add-on feature you need to pay extra.
If you create an app with basic features then the cost will be low and if you want to include advanced and complex features to your app then the cost will increase simultaneously. It is advisable to choose the feature of the app very wisely. You can read our blog on “how to decide features for the app” for help.
Area of Deliver
Decide the area where you would like to start your milk delivery business. Select an area where you see there are fewer shops and people face problems in getting basic requirements like milk. 
Now once you decide the area for the milk delivery business. It is time to decide the reach for the milk supply that means up to what distance or km you would like to provide service to the users.
In the beginning, it is better to keep the delivery service within the limited area, up to where you can easily supply fresh on-demand milk. Later when you see you can handle other areas too. Then you can increase your reach as per the situation.
Decide your parameters and then launch the app, where you can successfully and smoothly run the online milk delivery business.
 Expert App Developer
Hire the best app developers, who are not just business partners but can also suggest better ideas regarding milk delivery app development.
It is very important to have the right app developers, who can understand the latest software and programming language. So that your app will not face any technical glitch in the future.
Contact the milk delivery app developers who can deliver the project on time so that you can launch the app as per your date selection.


This is to consider when your app is launched and further if you want to make any change or update for the user. Then this all is done under this maintenance part.

The maintenance part is all about maintaining the app’s progress and making changes as and when needed. So that your users never have to suffer.
Advertisement and Promotions
Now once the app is ready, it is also very important to make people aware of your app availability. Therefore let people know about your milk delivery app through advertisement.
Advertise your app as much as possible. Make everyone aware of the app in the area, at least convince local people to try your app for once.
Try to give attractive offers and discounts to the users in the beginning. Provide occasional discounts and vouchers on your milk delivery service.


In the beginning, every business idea seems tough or irrelevant but later it becomes revolutionary. One just needs a great plan and expert technical stack who can easily put the business idea into a successful app. 
Nothing seems possible unless you start. So if you have a plan for a milk delivery app business then we are here to convert that idea into a dream app. It is always advisable to bring business online. If you have a milk delivery chain then it is time to take your business to another level and get ahead with time. Increase your business reach and opportunities with the help of online service and get in contact with more users. Expand your business with the help of technology and get better returns.

know how to develop milk delivery app

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