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How to Develop On Demand Logistic App Like Porter

2160 Views | 7 min | June 14, 2021
guide to learn how to develop logistic apps like porter

There was a time when traveling from one place to another was considered very hectic and troublesome. One had to take care of his luggage, travel schedule, and settling down in a new city or place. 

All such things become even more difficult when you do not get the right logistics/transportation company or packers and movers who can help in moving to a new place. Such companies actually help people with luggage packaging and delivering it safely to their respective locations. But the struggle still remains the same: how to look for a reliable on-demand logistic app like porter?

If we look at the situation right now, it is not safe to go out and search for something. So the only option that we have is an online search. One can look for reliable transportation companies online. There are apps like porter which can help in reducing travel and shifting issues.

These logistic apps are of great help when it comes to shifting to another city or place. They manage things from luggage packaging to its delivery. If you are looking forward to start a new business or you already own a transportation business and want to take it online then you must definitely go for this logistic app development idea.

There are apps for almost every on-demand service whether it is a pharmacy app, grocery app, food delivery app, etc. They are also so successful and generate great revenues. Transportation is one of the important services. After the success of apps like porter and uber people are demanding more for, such vehicle booking apps. So that it can help them in easy traveling and shifting.

What is The Need of Apps Like Porter?

Nowadays due to urgent job change or other reasons people have to relocate and have to get settled in another city. Amid all this, they have to manage many things at the same time like travel booking, luggage booking, etc. And they look for someone who can help them to reduce some stress related to this issue.

Therefore online transportation apps are like a time and energy saver for such users. These app provide a single platform where users can get answers for all travel-related queries. Like the right vehicle for luggage transportation and the exact fares with reliable truck drivers. On-demand logistic apps are really helpful for those who want to rent vehicles for urgent situations. And subsequently, this urge of users for on-demand vehicles raised the demand for apps like porter.

In this blog, we will see how to build such an app and what are the main features to include in the porter clone app.

develop logistic apps like porter with experts

How Logistic Apps Like Porter Are Helpful to The Users?

It is beneficial if you bring your transportation business online. Also, it will give users easy accessibility to your services through online apps like porter. In this section, we will see how these logistic or transportation apps are helping the users and what benefits it offers. 

Thereafter it will be really simple to understand why these logistic apps are so successful and why users are loving them. Below we have mentioned few points that will explain why apps like porter are so useful:

how app like porter is helpful to users

Easy to Use

Just like any other online app, an app like porter is also very easy to use. Users simply need to download the app and then have to register themself on the app. Also, it is quite confusing and time-consuming to search for the right transportation company, but when there are apps like porter then searching for the right transportation company becomes easy and it also reduces unnecessary traveling and shifting problems.

Smoother Operation

From offline mode, it is really difficult to keep track of everything. But with the help of an app like porter, one can get complete information on the luggage delivery and the track or the way used by the truck driver. This online tracking helps app owners and users equally.

From luggage packaging to delivering it right on time, everything can be tracked with the help of GPS features on apps like porter. This helps in monitoring the complete operation effectively and also gives the exact information of delivery time. 


Now the very important part, while going for an offline transportation company we cannot guarantee or rely on them completely. But one can easily rely on an online app like a porter. By referring to the previous customer reviews and through their company page or website.

Nowadays online transportation services are more reliable as compared to offline services because you can easily get every detail about the company online. One can easily go to the company’s website to check its license and to confirm its status in the market. But offline it is not very easy to find a reliable transportation company and their fares are also high and vary from company to company.

Users find online apps like porter more reliable for payments and find it more secure because there are almost fixed and same fares for almost every transportation company. 

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are more satisfied with the services of apps similar to porters because such apps offer better features and services as compared to offline transportation companies. Customers can schedule their delivery as per their convenience, they can decide the vehicle as per their budget and luggage. Therefore customers are shifting more towards such mini truck booking apps because they give them more services at affordable prices.

Easy Payments

Earlier when people had to get into the hassle of cash and other payment modes. Now with an app like porter one can simply pay for the services through any online mode including credit card, debit card or google pay, etc. Also, there is no need to get into any payment arguments with truck drivers, simply you have to pay through the app, and they will ensure all safety and security of the luggage.

How to Create Porter Clone App | App Development Process

Now we have discussed enough services and benefits of the porter clone app. But how can one build such an app or how to bring your offline transportation business online? 

Well, this we will discuss below. Here we have mentioned what steps are required to create an app like a porter.

how to create apps like porter

Plan Business Model

The very first step for every app development is deciding the business model for the app. For every new beginning, there has to be a proper plan before one starts with the development process. 

You have to get your company or website registered or licensed. To ensure that you have all the relevant documents to run your business without any legal prosecution. One should be very clear about what type of model he wants for his business. Here are some questions that should be kept in mind while planning the development:

  • What features will be there in your logistic app?
  • How much budget you will invest?
  • Which app development company you will choose?
  • What is the sole purpose of your app development business?


The research will help you get information about how to create an app like porter and what is the scope of developing such an app. Decide prices for your services by comparing them with other online vehicle booking apps. 

You must search which cities are more prone to use your app services. You must know where you will get the right audience for your business. Because if you do not know the behaviour of your target audience then even a great business plan comes to an end very soon.

So do enough research before you start anything new.

Look for Best App Development Company

When you conclude that you are now completely ready to get your business online. Now it is time to look for the best app development company. Which can provide the right structure and guidance for your app development business with a tech stack that is completely updated with the current technology and software.

Cloud Environment

This is an addition and it can also be handled by the app development team but just to tell you for the best app development experience. Cloud technologies like azure, google and AWS are great for your app development business because it manages the data of services, payments, and customers very well and gets secured in the cloud easily.

Feature to Add in The Apps Similar to Porter

Now before you decide or select the features to integrate into your app like porter. You need to know for whom you are developing the app. There are three different versions to develop an app similar to porter depending upon the customer’s expectation. If they want it for: 

features to integrate into apps like porter

For Drivers

( The below-mentioned features are to be imposed into the app.)

  • Login and Registration
  • Shipment Details
  • Manage Shipment
  • Manage Requests
  • GPS Tracking
  • Proof of Delivery

For shippers

(And if one wants to develop an app from the shipper’s end, then the following features to be integrated into the app )

  • Registration
  • List of Vehicles
  • Schedule book
  • Push Notification
  • Payment gateways
  • Review
  • Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Admin Panel

(Now from the admin’s perspective the following features must be added to the app)

  • Dashboard Settings
  • Track Drivers
  • Bill Settlement
  • Notification

Cost Estimation to Build App Like Porter

Depending upon the different factors, app development cost varies from basic to advanced. If you plan to build a simple app just for your transportation business then it will be less and if you want a proper website and app with advanced features and design then it will cost you a little high. 

More features and complexity leads to more hours in developing the app, similarly, fewer features and challenges will reduce the cost of the app respectively. 

It will be a good option if you build an app like a porter with basic features in the beginning and later as per your requirement and customer’s reaction, you can add advanced features and designs. You can also invest a good amount of money when you see your app is running successfully. To make things even more clear we have this table for you with the number of hours involved in app development and the cost required.

cost require to develop apps like porter

In transportation app development you also have to consider fuel and other things too. At times vehicles on the highway run out of fuel and they face a lot of problems if there is no nearby petrol pump. Therefore with your transportation business, you can also think of starting an on demand fuel delivery app. To make your transportation business even more convenient for users. You can add this feature to your logistic app development.


On-demand logistic apps are growing tremendously because people are depending upon these transportation apps for shifting. These apps are reliable and also reduce the hassle of relocation. 

Apps like porter manage your travel and luggage shifting expenses very nicely. They provide you services and vehicles as per your convenience and requirement. Such apps are really useful and have great advantages for the user as well as for the owners. 

On-demand, apps are ruling the app development business. These logistic apps are now one of the trending app development ideas. One can opt for this app development because it is serving good profit to app owners and customers.

build app like porter

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