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Hotels Planning To Bypass Food Delivery Apps In India? Grab The Opportunity!

583 Views | 2 min | June 17, 2021
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In many cities, various hotels and restaurants are looking for alternatives to food delivery apps like Zomato or Swiggy. This is because the food delivery apps charge significant commissions to owners, who must also be facing additional expenditures for customers. The hoteliers want to deliver their meals or employ the services of other courier applications. Let’s take a look at the news and how this is an opportunity for the hotel and restaurant owners.

The News

The United Hospitality Association (UHA) in joint planned to launch a campaign which will allow the customers to order food directly from the hotel or the hotel restaurant. The UHA consists of approximately 700 members in Pimpri-Chinchwad and Pune.

The members insist that the food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy take approximately 30%-40% of the total cost of food ordered by the customers. On the other hand, self-delivery by restaurants will cost the owners only 5% to 10% extra.

UHA claims that owners and customers already have to pay a lot of hidden charges and taxes to these food delivery apps. In contrary to this, they prefer a process where such extra charges can be avoided. The majority of them are hiring delivery employees and getting a food delivery app developed, which will be implemented shortly. Customers will only be charged for delivery, which will be minimal. 

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Restaurants and hotel owners are planning to get their own on demand food delivery app developed which will function like Zomato or Swiggy. They are proposing to offer discounts to the customers to save the extra charges they used to pay. 

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This will provide customers with the ease to call hotels or restaurants directly to place their meal order. If the order is substantial, the restaurants will send a link to the menu through Whatsapp or text message to assist with placing the order.

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There are many options apart from Zomato or Swiggy that are cost-effective and cheaper. The customers should not pay too much taxes on food deliveries. If you are a restaurant or a hotel owner, this is a great opportunity for you. Get started with the development of food delivery apps like Zomato or Swiggy by reaching out to the best mobile app development company.

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