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How Much Will It Cost To Develop An On Demand Delivery App Like Dunzo

1033 Views | 5 min | May 7, 2021

Due to the advancements in technology, business models are evolving along with market shifts. As a result, leading to business innovations and startups. The evolution of the on demand economy has changed the perspective of business concerning their models.

The on demand delivery services have made the lives of people so much easier from grocery delivery to food delivery to medicine delivery, everything is possible because of the on demand market. With the growth in the eCommerce market, it has become a perfect opportunity for new businesses to grow digitally.

statistics of economy spent on on demand app like dunzo

In this blog, you will learn about dunzo and how can an app like Dunzo function in the marketplace. This article also helps in understanding the features and benefits of developing an app like Dunzo.

What is Dunzo?

Dunzo is an on demand delivery app which was incorporated in 2015. It was the brainchild of 4 entrepreneurs – Dalvir Suri, Ankur Agarwal, Kabber Biswas and Mukund Jha. It operates in many cities, including Gurgaon, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and many other cities. 

Dunzo delivers anything the user requires at any preferred time and location. Dunzo accepts shoppers’ 50% bids for a variety of purchases, including food, medications, pet products, fish and meat, and groceries, among others.

According to the report, Dunzo processes over one million orders every month. Dunzo was also India’s first start-up to be funded by technology behemoths like Google for a total of US$ 12 million. Developing an app like Dunzo will help you grow your business and generate maximum revenues.

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What Are The Services Offered By Dunzo?

Your app like Dunzo should offer various services just like the app. It should be designed in a way that provides convenience to the users while purchasing any item. 

Your app like Dunzo should be able to solve a lot of worries of the customers including the location of the grocery store, carrying heavy shopping bags to home, the best item to purchase and many more. Some of the services that your app must offer are:

  • Restaurant Orders
  • Medicine & Pharmacy Supply
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Send Packages
  • Meat & Fish Supplies
  • Daily Groceries

Why Should You Develop An App Like Dunzo?

According to the current situations, we should practice social distancing and not move around. It has become hard for people to move out and get the services they need. Your app like Dunzo should solve all these problems. Here are some reasons why you should get an app like Dunzo developed:

Hyperlocal Delivery Startups

The local delivery startups are on the rise. Businesses are aiming to deliver on demand services of any kind including grocery, salon services, etc. This has created a demand for more on demand delivery services. 

Global Lockdown & Quarantine

The pandemic due to the outbreak of Coronavirus has added another element to the list of why you should get an app like Dunzo developed. Restrictions are making it difficult for people to go out in the market and shop for items. In these situations, on demand delivery apps are their best option.

Hygiene & Convenience

Since people must stay healthy and sanitised, they should be able to get their daily medications without any difficulty. The best way to solve this issue is by allowing your on demand delivery app like Dunzo to deliver medications as well.

Interactive Features That Will Make Your App Like Dunzo Stand Out

Features and functionalities are an essential part of a mobile application. The feature that you include in your app should be able to attract customers to your app and provide convenience to them. Some of the features that you must include in your app are:

features of app like dunzo

  • Push Notifications: Letting your users be notified is a great method to build exposure. By integrating push notifications into your app, you can notify your users about any offers, discounts, localised messages or other things. This helps in attracting and engaging customers.
  • Discounts & Loyalty Programmes: Dunzo is popular for its offers and discounts. You can implement a similar strategy to attract customers. Your on demand delivery app like Dunzo should be able to build its brand loyalty among its customers and not just awareness.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Your customers should be able to monitor the location of their order via GPS in real-time. Integrating GPS will help you in defining the delivery location as well. Some of the best APIs to integrate into your app like Dunzo are Google Maps, MapKit, etc.
  • In-App Payments: Your app should be integrated with a standard payment gateway to allow the customer to pay in any method they want. Users can make money transactions using online payments, net banking, plastic cards or cash on delivery.
  • Social Media Integration: The registration process of your app should be very simple. Asking too many questions makes a user lose interest. Apart from email and phone numbers, users should be able to register or log in using their social media accounts as well. This will also help in creating brand awareness for your app.
  • Reviews & Ratings: Getting feedback from users in the form of reviews or ratings will help your company know if there should be any changes in your services and how are your customers liking them. 
  • Easy Order Placement: Nowadays, people like to order their necessities online because that process is convenient and quick. The UI of your on demand delivery app like Dunzo should offer exploring options for the users to find their product easily.

Revenue Model

Businesses are moving towards the digital market as it is proven to be more helpful in revenue generation. You must create a business model that helps you generate maximum revenue. Some ideas you can consider are:

  • Delivery Fee: You can charge a delivery fee from the customers directly depending on the weight of the order, location of the customer, etc,
  • Marketing & Promotions: You can charge a marketing fee from the vendors who opt to put up their advertisement on your app.
  • Membership Programs: You can create loyalty programs in your app. Users will have to purchase this membership to avail extra discounts and offers.

How Much Will It Cost To Develop An App Like Dunzo?

The popularity of Dunzo has taken the marketplace by storm. You can also plan on getting an app like Dunzo developed and with the smart business models, your app will also stand out in the market. The cost of development of an on demand delivery app like Dunzo ranges from $3,000 to $10,000.

How To Evaluate The Cost Of Your App Like Dunzo?

The cost of developing an on-demand mobile app is determined by the functionality, model sophistication, and a variety of other considerations. As a result, it is always preferable to address your needs with an on-demand software development expert who will be willing to provide you with detailed guidance.

cost factors of app like dunzo

The factors affecting the cost of development are as follows:

  • App Platform: The platform integrated with your app, whether it is iOS or Android, cost differently. Hence, the platform you choose will cost you too.
  • Theme Design: The UI of your app should be compatible with other devices as well. There can be a wide range of solutions available on the Internet, but getting the one that suits your business model created a different impact.
  • Content Inclusion: Content is the king of digital marketing. It includes a wide range of subjects like blogs, galleries, infographics, etc.
  • Application Launch Screen: The screen of your app like Dunzo should fit the screen of all mobile phones. There is a charge for customizing the screen as well.
  • App Developers: The cost of development also depends on the developers you hire. The demographic and prowess plays a significant role in the budget estimation.
  • Features: The features you include play an essential role in the development of your app like Dunzo, be it simple features or advanced.


The success of Dunzo has become an inspiration for many businesses. The increase in the popularity of on demand services has given rise to excellent business ideas. The segment’s immense ability, along with the current situation, paves the way for the explosive growth of on demand services in the future.

Grab this opportunity to launch your on demand delivery service in the marketplace with an app like Dunzo. Get in touch with the right mobile application development company to know more about the development fundamentals and costing.

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