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Learn About On Demand Laundry App Development And Its Features

753 Views | 8 min | May 11, 2021
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Today’s generation is so busy that they have to schedule their household work or sometimes get someone else to do it. People are moving towards the on demand market for getting their services conveniently without going anywhere. Grocery delivery, milk delivery, on demand home services, and many others are some examples of the on demand services people are preferring.

As a result, businesses are considering laundry app development as the market size of the laundry business is expanding rapidly.

US statistics for laundry app development

If you already own a laundry business, getting an on demand laundry service app will streamline your service and help you attract more customers. Since the on demand market sector is highly competitive, you need smart strategies for your laundry app development. 

In this blog, you will learn why you should go forward with laundry app development and how you can develop a laundry app with excellent features.

Why You Should Go For Laundry App Development?

The popularity of on demand delivery services has left the audience demanding more. After Zomato, BigBasket and UrbanClap, laundry service is moving towards acquiring the on demand market with its excellent functionalities. Here are some of the reasons why you should go for laundry app development:

Enhances Convenience

Any mobile app aims to deliver what the user wants. If the mobile app is proven to deliver convenience to the users, the developers automatically share the benefit. In today’s times, both partners in a family have a job and if there are kids present in the house, there is absolutely no time to do laundry.

Your on demand laundry app will offer pickup and delivery services for their laundry items along with washing them. Customers should also be able to call the delivery agents to pick up their laundry and deliver shortly, whenever they want.

Increases Safety

Safety is one of the major concerns today. During this pandemic, no one wants to go out of their house for any reason. Get a laundry app developed to help your users get their laundry done without even going to the laundry room. This will help you generate high revenues through on demand laundry services.

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Promotes Local Laundries

To make your laundry app stand out in the market, you must opt for smart strategies. One of them will be to allow the local laundries to promote their business by getting featured on the app. The owner of any service can also use the ratings and reviews functionality to promote their business. 

Allowing other businesses to advertise on your app can also help you in earning money as you can charge a commission for every advertisement they put.

Better Management

Gone are the days when people used to use traditional methods to manage their business operations. It’s time for them to implement some changes. Laundry app development will help you manage your business operations with precision. 

You can implement functionality that will help you categorize the laundry items if they are not described by the user. This will also help you in monitoring the earnings received as per the item.

Generates Revenue

Whether your laundry app is based solely on your business or it has accumulated different laundry shops, generating revenue is an easy task. This can be done if you implement smart revenue models in the laundry app development process.

How To Make Your On Demand Laundry App Stand Out?

By now, you must be aware of the competition in the on demand marketplace. If you are planning to launch your own on demand laundry app, you must ensure to implement the strategies that will make your app special. This will help you attract users to your app. Some strategies are:

best strategies for laundry app development

Make Eco-Friendly App

It is the responsibility of an individual to get an eco-friendly app. This can be achieved by using environmentally friendly cleaning technologies. For example, your laundry app can promote wet cleaning instead of dry cleaning to ensure minimum usage of chemical solvents such as tetrachloroethylene. You must deliver the laundries in biodegradable packages and make use of dry cleaning solvents like D-5 silicon.

Time-To-Time Offers: 

You must plan a smart move for converting your existing customers into loyal ones. You can offer special discounts and offers to your loyal customers as this scheme is popular for attracting customers to your app. For example, you can provide free shipping, small gifts, coupon codes, etc. for attracting more customers and converting the existing ones into loyal customers.

Go The Extra Mile To Please Your Customers

The small efforts you make to please your customers and deliver them excellent services will keep them engaged in your laundry app. For example, if your offer complimentary items like hangers, covers for expensive garments, dry cleaning accessories, and other things, it will please your customers to a great extent.

Make Your Service Convenient For The Users

There are a lot of laundry apps in the market that provides pickup and delivery services but within limited hours. Some apps do not separate the laundry items and ask the customers to do it. These things can prove to be very frustrating for some people and this may even lead to dissuading from the laundry app. Your laundry app must aim to please the customers and offer satisfactory services to them. 

Keep Your App UX/UI User Friendly

Your laundry app should be able to solve its user’s problems at any time. A streamlined and self-explanatory look and feel, on the other hand, improves the user experience by allowing them to spend more time on your app. So, for improved retention, make sure your on-demand laundry app has a well-designed UI/UX.

Advanced Features To Include In Your Laundry App Development Process

The features and functionalities you include in your laundry app development process determine how your app will stand in the marketplace. You must implement advanced features in your app. Some of the essential ones are described below:

features to include in your laundry app development

  • Login & Registration: The app must ensure a quick and simple registration process in the app. Apart from email and contact number, users should be able to sign in using their social media accounts as well.
  • Picture-In-Picture Mode: Your app must offer the functionality where users can track their laundry pick up and delivery status in real-time through a floating window. This will allow them to perform any action on phone with tracking their laundry package simultaneously.
  • In-App Chat: If users face any issue regarding their package, there should be an in-app chat facility to communicate with them and solve their problems. The delivery agent can also use the in-app chat feature to reach out to the customers. 
  • In-App Camera: If a user faces any issue regarding their delivery packages like a torn cloth or stain then he/she must use the in-app camera functionality to click the picture and send it to the laundry service.
  • In-App Calling: Customers can call their respective driver agent if they are facing any issue and vice versa.
  • Push Notifications: The functionality of push notifications will help notify the customers regarding any discounts, offers or updates. This tool is essential for customer’s engagement.
  • Cost Calculation: After the user fills in the number of laundries and their types, the app should be able to calculate the cost immediately. The app can also provide a breakdown of the net expense, including the actual service price for and dress.
  • Delivery Tracking: Customers may use this feature to monitor their deliveries and get real-time updates on their status. The admin staff or the laundry service staff change this status regularly.
  • Feedback: This functionality implemented in your laundry app development process will enable the users to share their feedback regarding the services provided to them in the form of reviews and ratings.
  • CRM Integration: You must include CRM in your laundry app as it is the best customer relations management software. It will provide a better communication medium between your support team and the customers. 
  • Promotion & Marketing Tool: After you implement an efficient CRM software in your laundry app development process, you can start planning the marketing of your app with various tools.
  • CMS Integration: Along with the app owner, the laundry service providers will also manage the information available on the app using CMS integration. Service providers, for example, may notify customers of any unique discount deals. They can also advertise some new washing or dry cleaning technologies to attract more buyers.
  • Loyalty Programs: Your on demand laundry app can run various loyalty programs for its customers in the form of offers and special discounts. This helps in motivating the customers to keep using this app in the future. 
  • Behaviour Tracking: This functionality is driven by AI and it keeps a record of the behaviour of users regarding any offer or discount.
  • Real-Time Analytics: This functionality is designed to help company owners find the most profitable services. The real-time analytics dashboard provides quantitative information on topics such as customer base, most-used utilities, and revenue, among others. This aids in the tracking of the success and growth of on demand laundry app development.
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking: Customers can monitor the status of their orders in real-time using real-time monitoring. When the delivery agent arrives to pick up and deliver the laundry, the system uses GPS to display his precise location. Simultaneously, the agent’s ability to find the customer’s address improves.
  • Blogging Options: You can integrate a blogging feature while developing your on demand laundry app. This will help you educate your customers about fashion trends, clothing care, wardrobe tips tricks, etc.
  • In-App Navigation: This functionality will allow the driver agents to find the optimized route to the customer’s location to deliver or pick up the laundry items. It will also help the customer in tracking their items.
  • Multiple Payment Options: The laundry app should be integrated with a standard payment gateway. Customers should be able to pay using plastic cards, net banking, online payment or cash on delivery.

Steps Of On Demand Laundry App Development

The foundation of any mobile application should be strong to stand in the marketplace. Therefore, your laundry app development fundamentals should be strong and strategic. The steps of development are described below:

laundry app development fundamentals

Project Plan

The first and the most important step of developing any mobile application is planning. After you get the idea of your project, you must start working on the details. Some questions must be answered in this phase:

  • What is the aim of your app?
  • What features should your app provide?
  • Who competes and what can you do to make your app better?
  • What is unique about your app?

Budget Planning

After planning your project and knowing about your requirements, the next step is to estimate your budget. If you want a simple app, the budget will be less. If you require a unique app with advanced features, the budget will be more.

If you want to know the cost estimation of laundry app development, do not hesitate to get a quote. At Appdukaan, you get a free consultation regarding any mobile app solution including grocery delivery, milk delivery, or eCommerce app.

Project Scope

After you have decided on the project and its budget, the next step is creating a project scope. In this step, you need to decide how much money are you going to spend on certain resources from laundry app development to its deployment.

The best thing will be to hire the best mobile application development company that builds your laundry app without any difficulty and delivers it on time. 

Laundry App Development

The mobile app development company you choose should consist of experienced developers, testers, and designers. These app designers will build a prototype of your laundry app and get them approved by you. If you approve of the design, the developers will start working according to your requirements.

The quality assurance team must test the app smartly for any bugs and if found, they will get them fixed. The final product delivered by the company shall be 100% bug-free and will run smoothly on every platform.


The last step in the laundry app development process is deploying the app on platforms integrated like Play Store and App Store. At AppDukaan, you get all the documentation and data after deploying your app on the platforms.

Final Words

Grocery delivery, fuel delivery or medicine delivery apps are one of the greatest beneficiaries in today’s on demand marketplace. People of the coming generation are looking for solutions that will make their life simpler and easier.

An addition to the list of beneficiaries of on demand market is an on demand laundry app. This app offers excellent services of washing and dry cleaning with an easy pickup and delivery system. Get laundry app development solutions from the best mobile app development company and earn high revenues.

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