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How Does An On Demand Beauty Service App Function In The Market?

1452 Views | 6 min | May 17, 2021
on demand beauty service app

The usage of smartphones and the facility of the internet has changed the standard of living and expectations of society. Today, everyone is so busy with their work schedules that it is difficult to get an appointment for a local spa or salon, leading to the rise of online on demand beauty service booking.

Technology has made our lives easier and more convenient in every industry including beauty, home service, etc. Innovations in technology are helping the businesses in the on demand market to get a sustainable business model. 

The days when only upper-class people could get beauty services at their home are long gone. With on demand beauty services available on everyone’s smartphone, anyone can get beauty services at any time. This can also be viewed as a business opportunity as according to NyPost, on average a woman spends around $3756 every year on beauty services.

In this blog, you will get to know an on-demand beauty service app and what are the advanced features needed to successfully function in the marketplace.

What Is An On-Demand Beauty Service App?

In today’s generation, people are so busy that they don’t have time to visit any beauty salon and the long queues make it even harder. Customers require an effective on demand beauty service app solution that will help them book appointments for their service easily.

Apps that deliver such services make it convenient for the users to get the services they require at their home. As a result of the dissatisfied needs of people seeking quality beauty salon services, various salon owners are jumping on board by investing in an on-demand beauty service app.

Numerous services can be provided through an on demand beauty service app. Some of them are listed below:

  • At home salon services (skincare, makeup, massage, etc.)
  • Hiring beauty professionals for any occasion
  • Home delivery for beauty products
  • Appointment booking for beauty services

If you are looking to upgrade your business through an on demand beauty service app, this is the right destination for you.

Why Should You Develop An On-Demand Beauty Service App?

On demand beauty service providers are continuously searching for better options, but the global beauty market is rising at an unprecedented pace. A study conducted by DealsOn Health demonstrated that the worth of the beauty industry is approximately $532 billion and may read $716.6 billion by 2021. 

According to Disturb Me Not, a woman spends around $225,00 on skincare alone in her lifetime. Due to the increase in demand for beauty services, the shift to online platforms has been an easy task resulting in happy freelancing beauty professionals. 

In 2013, out of 1.2 million beauty professionals including hairdressers, stylists, cosmetologists, and many others, 840k started using mobile applications for marketing their on demand beauty service. According to Statista, the beauty salon marketplace was valued at $128.59 billion and is expected to reach $190.81 billion in 2024.

on demand beauty service app revenue in US

The statistics shown in the image depict the revenue generated by the cosmetics industry and the wide range of user base of this industry. This means that there is a lot of growth potential for the beauty industry in the on demand marketplace.

Business Models Of On-Demand Beauty Service App

If you are planning to get an app developed for your on demand beauty service, you must be sure of the business model you want to implement. The two main business models for an on demand beauty service application are described below:

Dedicated Model

In the model, the on demand beauty service app is created by an established brand or a beauty service provider for local business expansion. This model is used to spread awareness among the clients regarding the services offered by the app. This also helps in building an online presence for their company.

If an appointment is booked via the app, the spa or salon is directly connected with the customer. After that, a professional is sent to the customer’s location for the required beauty service.

Aggregator Model

In the aggregator model, all the beauty professionals who wish to deliver their services via online mode are brought under one umbrella. Various salons, independent beauticians, hairdressers, makeup artists, etc are allowed to put up their services for display on the on demand beauty service app.

The administrator (you) can generate high revenues by allowing these professionals to showcase their services by charging them a commission fee on every transaction or you can charge an advertising fee.

Advanced Features Your On-Demand Beauty Service App Should Have

The features and functionalities provided by an app determine how much a user base can be attracted to the app and how satisfied they will be with the application. Some of the advanced features that can be implemented in your on demand beauty service app are as follows:

on demand beauty service app features

  • Login & Registration: The registration process of the app should not be very complicated and lengthy. Users expect a simple and basic form for sign up. Also, users should be able to register or log in using their social media accounts.
  • Rating & Reviews: Popular for excellent decision making, this feature will allow users to check the reviews and ratings of any product, service, or beauty professional before investing. Customers can also leave their feedback on the service they received for the professionals to know.
  • Push Notifications: This functionality is essential to keep the users updated and informed. Beauty service providers can send quick updates on some tips, discounts, offers, etc. using notifications. It will also help notify the professionals about their tasks, bookings, etc.
  • In-App Chat: Users should be able to communicate with the beauty professionals like makeup artists, hairdressers, etc. through the app. They can clarify any issues and doubts regarding the service offered/to be provided. 
  • In-App Call: Users can call beauty professionals through the app for any assistance or vice versa. This will also ensure that the contact number is kept confidential while making in-app calls. 
  • In-App Navigation: Your on demand beauty service app should be integrated with a GPS tracker. This will help the beauty professionals reach the customer’s location within a short period using the optimized route. 
  • PIP Mode Tracking: Picture in picture mode will come in handy when the users would want to track the beauticians in real-time.
  • SMS Authentication: This functionality will act as a security measure in the app to avoid fraud against customers or beauty professionals. This can be implemented using an OTP number that should be shared between the customer and the beautician to ensure safety.
  • Upload Video Portfolio: This feature will enable the professionals to upload any tutorial videos on the app to help out customers at home. These videos will help the users identify the best service for them.
  • Effective CRM: An effective customer relationship management (CRM) will help in the management of customers. With CRM, the admin can resolve queries and issues faced by customers and give them a better user experience. 
  • Efficient Content Management System: The content management system (CMS) aids in the management of all of the app’s content. For example, companies can quickly update information about their spa, services they offer, contact information, open hours, emails, and so on.
    Similarly, the administrator should keep a style blog where he or she can post content about the new fashion trends, best-selling brands, and makeup hacks, among other things.
  • Real-Time Analytics & Dashboard: Your on demand beauty service app should be integrated with a secure analytics platform. The admin can monitor data on the app like user base, user acquisition rate, retention rate, etc. 
  • Mobile Wallet Integration: Your app should be integrated with a standard payment gateway. Users should be able to make payments in any method convenient to them including online payments, plastic cards, net banking, cash on delivery, etc.
  • Marketing & Promotion Tools: If you want your business to grow, marketing is the key. An on demand beauty service app should be marketed with tools like call, text, coupons, email, etc. Giving special discounts and offers to the customers will also help attract more customers.

Revenue Model

The best way to earn money from an on demand service app is by implementing smart revenue models. Some of the strategies you can use for monetization of your app are as follows:

Featured Listings

In this case, the aggregator model will highlight a few beauty service providers in the app’s top segment or promote them individually to catch the user’s eye. The app owner should charge a certain sum of money in exchange for this featured listing. Often on demand beauty service providers use featured listings because they help them get the most revenue.


In this plan, the app owner can charge a commission fee from the beauty stores and professionals that are displaying their services on the app. For every order or appointment that is confirmed, a commission fee should be charged. This source has proven to generate a high amount of revenue.

eCommerce Enablement

To create a secondary revenue source, the app owner should have an online beauty shop within the app. Users of the app will browse the store and buy beauty items and book beauty professionals straight from the app. This also aids in increasing customer interaction.

Ads Selling

App owners can also make money by using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in their app. These advertisements may be linked to the beauty and fitness industry in some way. In exchange for these commercials, the app owner may charge the advertising companies a predetermined fee.

Final Thoughts

Investing in an on-demand beauty service app is a brilliant idea whether you’re a young entrepreneur looking to extend your brand’s scope or simply a beauty store owner wanting to grow your business digitally. The excellent app provides enormous convenience to consumers, who no longer have to worry about their desired time being unavailable or being unaware of better prices provided by beauty salons and spas.

You should reach out to the best mobile application development company to get started with the development process. Let’s join hands and make your business grow.

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