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Everything You Need To Know About Pizza Delivery App Development

1111 Views | 6 min | May 25, 2021
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On demand food delivery services have conquered the mCommerce market, where pizza delivery app plays a major role. Pizza delivery is a whole new business model that conveniently delivers pizza at the customer’s location at any time. On demand pizza delivery apps are gaining popularity in the on demand marketplace, attracting many users.

With the help of a pizza delivery app, customers can order and get their pizza delivered within 30 minutes. As a result, pizzeria operators need high-quality mobile delivery to attract more consumers. 

Pizza, more than delicacy, has become comfort food for many people, which is undoubtedly why it has become one of the most loved and popular dishes on the planet. According to Slice, around $38 billion are spent on pizza per year, in the USA. 

Another explanation for the popularity of pizza is that people enjoy fatty, sweet, and enhanced foods. Pizza is a one-stop-shop for all your needs. The sauces are sweet, the cheese is luscious, and the toppings are enriched. Humans and pizzas have basic chemistry.

In this blog, you will get to know about the market, the reasons why you should invest in pizza delivery app development, essential features of the app, and the cost of development of a pizza delivery app.

Pizza Delivery App Market

The food delivery market including pizza delivery, milk delivery, meat delivery, etc. is expanding globally. The restricted movements of people during the pandemic has resulted in on demand delivery solutions being a viable solution.

pizza delivery app statistics

According to Statista, the annual revenue growth of the online food delivery market is expected to reach $190 million in 2021 and will increase due to the covid situation. A study in The State Of Wha Feeds Us shows that 64% of the users have at least one mobile app for ordering food on their phone. 

What The Pizza Delivery Market Includes?

The pizza-making industry is highly competitive and fills a significant niche in the global food market. Domino’s Pizza, for example, revealed last year that it will leave certain Nordic countries due to competition, high labour prices, and declining economic conditions. 

The pizza industry can be categorised into three categories: full service, express service, and distribution, each with its own set of rules. In the difficult economic climate of recent years, delivery firms and fast-food restaurants have made the most profit, and they are still the ones announcing the most ambitious growth plans.

We’ve identified several big players in the on demand pizza delivery segment below to demonstrate the key developments in the on-demand pizza delivery industry and assess the functions that makeup on demand pizza delivery app:

Pizza Hut Has 18,000 Restaurants In Over 100 Countries

The Pizza Hut app offers quick and convenient deliveries. It provides a wide range of functionalities including multiple pizza toppings, pizza customization, multiple payment options, reordering, order tracking, membership programs, etc.

Domino’s Pizza Has More Than 17,000 Stores In 90 Countries

The Domin’s pizza delivery app is best known for the effective user interface. Some of the best features it offers are placing an order in a few clicks, customization of pizzas, excellent database management, reordering pizzas, etc. 

Papa John Has More Than 5,000 Restaurants In 45 Countries

This well-designed pizza delivery app has many functionalities to provide like dishes to choose from, ingredients to edit, different forms of payments to accept, order status to log, one-click reordering to set up, promotions, and so on.

Although some major franchises have their brand-specific pizza delivery apps, there are also aggregators based on the conventional food delivery model, such as Zomato, Foodora, Wolt, Just Eat, and others. Restaurants and aggregation sites work together through this market model.

Why Should You Invest In Pizza Delivery Apps?

There are many on demand businesses in the market in which you can invest like home services, taxi, food delivery, etc. Below are the reasons why you should invest in pizza delivery app development:

pizza delivery app reasons

Customer Loyalty

Gaining customers’ trust is a difficult task. In many cases, users get to choose between various service providers and products. Your on demand pizza delivery app can act as the backbone of your business. It could offer excellent customer service and numerous loyalty programs to the users to attract more customers.

Location-Based Marketing

Marketing according to location is emerging these days. You can send text messages, push notifications and other updates to your users, with the help of a pizza delivery app according to the location of the customer. Hence, these users will be able to benefit from the ongoing development of that time.

Better Customer Data

Having your customer data managed efficiently is a big task. With a mobile application for your pizza restaurant, you will be able to answer the following questions easily:

  • Who are your regular customers?
  • What is their ongoing order?
  • Which of your pizza type is popular in which region?
  • Are they aware of the promotions and offers available on your app?

All the above questions can be answered by smart analytics offered by mobile applications. This information can further be used to target a new audience and promotional activities.


Mobile applications aim to improve the delivery services in a business. Before the digital era, people had to call the restaurants to place their orders, drive to the location to pick up their order, wait for it to be prepared and delivered. Instead, it will be smart for the restaurant owners to get a mobile app developed to simplify the delivery process and restaurant operations.

Essential Features For Pizza Delivery Apps

The features and functionalities of a mobile application determine how it functions in the marketplace. The on demand pizza delivery app consists of functions on different applications – customer app, driver app, restaurant app.

Customer App

In the development process, it is essential that the functionalities for the customers are determined. Here are some of the features that you should consider:

  • Menu Screens: This functionality allows the users to view a menu screen on the app that displays descriptions of various pizza dishes with HD photos.
  • Ingredient Adjustment: Users can add or remove ingredients they want to include in their pizza as per their choice or budget.
  • Online Payment: The app should be integrated with a standard payment gateway that allows the customers to pay in any method convenient to them like online payment, net banking, plastic cards, cash on delivery, etc.
  • Order Tracking: Users should be able to track their pizza order or the person delivering it in real-time through GPS integration.
  • Locating Restaurants Nearby: The app should display all the nearby restaurants according to the user’s location. 
  • Loyalty Programs: The app should include various loyalty programs like discounts, memberships, subscriptions, promo codes to keep the interest of the users high.
  • Order History: Users should be able to view their order history if they want to repeat any previous order.
  • Customer Support: The app should have a live calling and chatting feature so that if customers face any issues, they are solved without any difficulty.
  • Social Media Ordering: Your pizza delivery app should allow its users to order from their social media accounts as well.

Driver Agent App

The main features that must be included in the delivery agents app are as follows: 

  • Sign Up Page: The drivers should be able to register on the pizza delivery app using not only email and phone number but also social media accounts.
  • In-App Communication: The app should feature in-app communication that allows drivers to communicate with the customers without revealing their contact details.
  • Order Details: Drivers should be able to view the order details of the customers and restaurants like expected delivery time, pick-up and drop location, etc.
  • Status Update: The driver should update the status of the order like accepted, declined, delivered, etc.
  • Navigation: The app should be integrated with GPS that will help the driver to find the optimized route to the customer’s location.
  • Account History: The delivery agents should keep an updated account that displays the number of orders delivered, hours worked, etc.

Restaurant Panel

The panel for the restaurant should display the following functionalities:

  • Integrated Content Management: The content on your app should be up to date. Restaurants should keep updating information about new dishes, descriptions and their photos.
  • Order Management: This functionality should allow the restaurants to manage and create orders, see the order status and perform other activities.
  • Payments: Restaurants should be able to receive payments from any mode like online payments, plastic cards, net banking, etc.
  • Marketing Tool: The app should include various smart marketing tools to validate exclusive promo codes and promotions.
  • Cross-Interface Communication: The app should include a cross-interface communication medium to contact the delivery agents and customers efficiently.
  • Delivery Time Estimation: The app must have this feature to calculate the time for delivery keeping the cooking time, traffic, etc. in consideration.
  • Feedback Management: This functionality will help the administrator to check the reviews given by customers/driver agents and process them accordingly.
  • Reports & Analytics: This ability is necessary to see overall order statistics as well as courier information, show data in the form of dashboards, and transmit data to internal CRM and accounting systems, among other things.

Cost To Develop An On Demand Pizza Delivery App

The cost of on demand pizza delivery app development depends on various factors like features, platforms integrated, technologies used, and the cost of the development team. Launching your app for Android and iPhone is going to cost differently.

It’s critical to realise that for a service to be popular, such basic requirements must be met. You should also add extra features to set the company apart from its online rivals. However, the price will increase. For a medium-sized program, typical production costs start at $10,000.

Final Words

As previously said, pizza has evolved into a convenience meal rather than a delicacy. People agree that a slice of smoky, delectable pizza will improve their mood. It would be very helpful for you if you are one of those restaurants that makes the most incredible pizzas.

If you are looking to start with the on demand pizza delivery app development for your restaurant or as an aggregator, you must reach out to the best mobile application development company.

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