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A Complete Guide On Car Parking App Development

1397 Views | 5 min | August 29, 2021
car parking app development

We think of a car parking app whenever we find ourselves in a situation where we cannot spot a proper place for vehicle parking.

Nowadays, whenever we go out somewhere it is really difficult to find a parking place. And this is annoying to search for the right spot for parking. 

Therefore, to provide you with a smart car parking solution, we have come up with this car parking app development concept. Many modern cities have adapted this for the convenience of their citizens. You can also try this and can earn good revenues too. 

The car parking app development is something that is very new to this generation. New software which is introduced to eradicate the problem of parking in the cities.

Through this blog we will tell you about:

Scope of car parking app, what are the benefits of this amazing app, how you can earn from this business, and what are the features that have to be integrated into the car parking app to make it more demanding among users.

Scope Of Developing Car Parking App

There are hundreds of on-demand apps for food delivery, grocery shopping, taxi booking, and e-commerce apps, etc. These all apps have made our lives easier and smoother.

That’s why, if there will be an app for car parking too. It will be of great help to people who struggle hours and hours to find the perfect parking spot.

Through car parking app development we can offer smart car parking solutions to the users which can make their car parking struggle easier.  

Parking is the real issue in metropolitan cities and car parking apps can be better solutions to handle this concern. Users can easily book a parking spot just by using the app depending upon their destination and the size of the vehicle. 

As per a report, it is predicted that globally this car parking app industry will reach $7 billion by 2023.

scope of car parking app

Whenever we need to look for an appropriate parking area. It takes hours to find that one perfect spot to park the vehicle.

But if this job can be done through a mobile app then imagine how sorted life would be. It will save a lot of time and traffic caused by inappropriate parking.

Therefore if you are planning to invest your money in something worthy, then this car parking app development might be a good option. You can talk to an advanced app development company who can guide you better for the same. 

Benefits Offered By Smart Parking Solutions

We can’t say there is an app that is not useful or which has not changed human lives.

Nowadays people are so dependent on on-demand apps. That they can not imagine their lives without these useful apps. 

From getting up in the morning till the end of the day, we use several apps for e-Learning, ordering food, cab booking, setting alarms, etc. There are apps for car repair, so why not have a car parking app.   

So simply we can say that apps always make things easier for us. And if we talk about smart parking solutions, then Statista has reported that smart parking solutions are demanded globally and are growing very fast. As per them, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14 percent.  

Let us see what benefits the car parking app development offers to the users:

  • Optimized parking places
  • reduces traffic and traffic-related issues
  • Reduces the time spent on parking
  • Find the right and affordable parking area
  • Safety of your vehicle

app development experts

Monetization Strategy Used For Car Parking App

We develop an app for the user’s convenience and also to earn money out of it. Therefore, how you can earn money from a car parking app that we will discuss in this section. There are different monetization strategies that you can use for your app, read here:

monetization strategy used for car parking app

  • Payment from the drivers
  • Fees from parking owners
  • In-app purchases
  • In-app advertising

Features Of Car Parking App

To make your car parking app successful you need to integrate relevant features into it. You can divide the features into three sections as per user type. 

We have mentioned three different categories below and integrated features into them depending upon:

Driver’s app

App for parking inspector

Admin panel

features of car parking app

Features For Driver

  • Registration and Authorization
  • List of vehicles
  • Map
  • Parking search
  • Spot parking details
  • Parking spot booking
  • Payment
  • Parking history
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Offline mode
  • Notifications 

Features For Parking Inspector

  • Registration and Authorization
  • Viewing parking spots
  • Notifications

Features For Administrator

  • Parking spots
  • Users
  • Bookings
  • Payments 

If you don’t find your requirement above and want some advanced features then you can reach out to the best car parking app development company. Who can work as per your need and preference.

Popular Car Parking App

If you still have fear regarding car parking app development then you can take the example of these popular car parking apps. Below we have mentioned car parking apps that are doing great and earning good revenues every year.

popular car parking apps

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Car Parking App

The cost required for car parking app development depends on the different elements and features you integrate into the app. Factors that influence the cost of car parking app development are as follows:

car parking app development cost

The mobile app development company

The first factor that affects the cost of developing a parking finder app is the location of the mobile app development company. It is very important from which country you are hiring the developers for your app development.

Every country has its app development principles and techniques therefore it differs from country to country. You can hire experts from any country as per your choice. Let us see what prices are offered by developers of different countries:

U.S Developers: $140 – $260 per hour

Asian Developers: $20 – $35 per hour

European Developers: £80 – £120 per hour

Eastern European Developers: $45 – $50 per hour

Custom features

Although car parking apps require basic features, but if you want to customize your app with advanced features. Then you should be prepared to pay more for that extra service. With advanced features, the complexity of the app increases therefore developers have to work even more hours and that will directly increase the app development cost.  

You need to decide the features for your car parking app very wisely if you have a limited budget. But if you have a good budget then you can customize your app with the best features for a car parking app. 

In case of a low budget, you can also opt for white label app development solutions. This latest technology has changed the app development industry a lot. To read more about it click here.

Third-party integration

Again, another factor that increases the cost of mobile app development is third-party service integration. 

Time for project completion

Time is a very important factor that calculates the cost of app development. If you want early delivery of a project then you need to pay more and if developers take the proper time that is required for developing the app then the cost will be according to that.

Now, if we conclude all the factors then the car parking app development will cost you somewhere between $8000 – $15000. If you are going for more customized features and services then it will raise to $18000 – $35000.


This is all you should know about car parking app development, still, if you have a query then you can talk to mobile app development experts. There are many app development ideas that one can choose but car parking app development is the best option because it is high in demand. 

In the beginning, you might think this is not a great idea but who would have thought a simple food delivery app would be so popular and have revenue in billions. Unless you try you cannot come to any conclusion. That is why if you have enough funds for car parking app development then you must go for this. 

Automotive software development is growing very fast and if you want to develop a car parking app with advanced features then you must contact the best app development company. Who can understand your demand and provide support through the entire app development process.

develop car parking app with experts

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