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What Is Water Delivery App Development With Features And Cost Estimation

1142 Views | 5 min | October 12, 2021
water delivery app development

71% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, still every year thousands of people die due to scarcity of water. This is really ironic, but unfortunately, it is a sad truth of the modern world. 

Have you ever wondered, despite the high percentage of water on earth. People are still dying either due to contaminated water or due to lack of water. Well, to clear all this confusion and to fulfill the demand of clean water, we came up with this water delivery app development blog.

In this blog, we will tell you about the water delivery app development solutions and much more. Let us start with why one needs to develop a water delivery app and how it will help you to earn good revenue.

What Is The Requirement Of A Water Delivery App

As discussed above the ratio of drinking water on the earth is very low as compared to the total volume of water on the earth. Therefore, getting drinking water is a daily struggle in many cities nowadays. And, this is where the water delivery app comes to the rescue. 

This water delivery app helps people to get on-demand water cans or bottles in areas where it is impossible to get clean drinking water. Through these apps, water delivery service providers can register themselves on the app and provide their services to the users easily. 

Imagine, you shifted to a new city and there is no R.O facility in your residential area. So, at this very moment what a person can do. Either he can run to the shop every time he needs water or can easily register on the water delivery app and can get the water bottle just in few minutes. 

Increasing population and decreased level of drinking water are directly pointing to the immediate need for a freshwater delivery app. In many cities, the water delivery apps already captured the market and running very successfully. While in some cities people are not much aware of such facilities yet. 

So, if you are planning to develop an app for water delivery service, then you must do this. This app really has a very promising future if we consider the current situation. Early you start, easier it would be for you to capture the market with the best water delivery app in the area. 

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Best Features To Integrate Into Water Delivery App

Depending upon different business needs we have categorized the features of the water delivery app into three sections:

1. App for User

Search Bars and Filters

Login and sign-up

View profile of water delivery app or service provider

Manage the number of orders (number of water bottles or cans)


Different options for online payment

Reviews and ratings

2. App for the water service provider

Create or register themselves on the app

Listing of services and price

Location access

Accept order or decline order


Payment management

Track the quality of your services 

Offers and discounts

3. App for admin

Dashboard management

Management of user’s profile and data

Ads and premium model management

Map Integration

Track the regular progress

Some Advanced Features of Water Delivery App

Above we have mentioned some of the basic features for three different needs. But if you have a good budget and want something amazing for your app. Then you must consider these advanced features of the water delivery app. 

Just like any other delivery app like grocery delivery app, milk delivery app, or courier delivery app. The water delivery app has some simple features too, have a look:

key features of water delivery app

  • Buy Subscription

Many service providers allow their users to buy monthly or yearly subscriptions through the water delivery app. It helps the service provider to earn the loyalty of the customers and allows them (Service provider) to earn even more.  

  • Real-time tracking

This feature is helpful for users, service providers, and the admin. Through this feature, one can easily track the activity of the delivery agent and users easily. 

  • Booking Confirmation

This feature will enable one to know about the confirmation of the order. Again this feature is also useful for admin, users, and service providers. So this is a must-go for your water delivery app development.

  • Online On-demand water booking

This feature will enable your users to book orders for water delivery anytime and anywhere.  

  • e-Receipt for each delivery

Users will receive an e-receipt for every water bottle delivered to them. This will keep track of the number of cans ordered by users and payment management. It will create transparency between users and service providers. 

  • GPS Tracking

Through this feature one can easily locate the address of the users and users can locate the address of the service provider. 

  • Easy Sign-up

Allow users to sign-up/log in easily with the use of social media platforms like Facebook app or Instagram app

  • Multiple Payment Options

Allow users to pay through any payment method. It will make your app more user-friendly. Enable users to pay through digital modes or make cash on delivery depending upon their convenience. 

  • Reviews and Ratings

Allow users to rate your services or your app. So that you can make the relevant changes to your water delivery app for better services.

  • Schedule delivery time

Enable users to schedule the water delivery by using this feature. With this feature, users can adjust or select the time of water delivery depending upon their needs. 

  • Push Notification

The push notification feature will allow users to get all the useful notifications related to your water delivery app and any current update of the app.

Cost Required To Develop A Water Delivery App

The cost required to develop a water delivery app directly depends upon the mobile app development company you hire. If you hire developers from India then the app development cost will be really reasonable. That is because in India you get skilled mobile app developers but at very affordable rates as compare to other countries. 

If we consider the features of the app, design of the water delivery app, number of hours required for developing an app, and charges of developers. Then the water delivery app development cost will fall somewhere near $4000 – $ 7000. To know more on the same you can contact the best mobile app development company. Who can understand your need and business.

How To Upgrade your water delivery Business After Covid - 19

After covid – 19 people are very conscious about their good health and better immunity. And they have taken many positive steps towards it. People started using more and more healthcare apps and other exercising apps. And now they want fresh and clean water too, to keep themselves hydrated and healthy.

We all know how important it is to have clean and fresh water daily. And the water delivery apps are the best way to get clean water nowadays. But before owning a water delivery app one needs to follow these steps amid this covid – 19 to make their water delivery app best from others:

1. Keep a check on your delivery agents. If they have any symptoms of disease or infection. Make them stay home and rest. Work with completely healthy staff to run the best water delivery business in your area.

2. Make it compulsory for service providers to wear gloves and masks throughout the working hours or while making a delivery or going out. 

3. Always check the water machine or plant is cleaned after every 20 days. It is really important to clean your R.O plant or water dispenser machine clean to provide fresh water to the customers. 

Ending Note

This is really a new concept of app development but it is really too much in demand by the users. That is because people are facing real problems while getting fresh water even for a day. In many cities, people travel mile san smiles to get fresh and clean drinking water. Imagine if there could be an easy and convenient water delivery app. That can fulfill their need and they do not have to travel so far to get the water.  

Water is a basic need of a person and it is their right to get fresh and clean water to drink. Let us pledge together let’s work for mankind and develop an app that can allow people to freshwater anytime they want. 

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