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We Have a Food Delivery App

For All Business Types

  •  Single Restaurants

    Single Restaurants

    Avoid long queues at your restaurant and streamline your business processes using our all-in-one food delivery app with robust panels for all the stakeholders.

  • Food Delivery Startups

    Food Delivery Startups

    Our food delivery app solution has built-in algorithms that are perfect for starting a food delivery business that caters to multiple restaurants and users worldwide.

  • Catering Business

    Catering Business

    Own a catering business? Manage bookings, events, weddings, and more with our robust and customizable solution and guarantee improved ROI and seamless processes.

Key Features Of Our Food Delivery App Solution

All-in-one food delivery application to manage & track your business in realtime.

Customer App

Customer App

  • Easy Registration

    Easy Registration

    Simply sign up with a phone number, email address or through social media platforms.

  • Quick Search

    Quick Search

    Easy to browse from the menu and get desired results.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Multiple Payment Options

    Pay from authenticated payment gateways for quick payments

  • Order History

    Order History

    Have a track record of your payments and order placed in your app account details.

  • Real Time Tracking

    Real Time Tracking

    Get an idea of the estimated time of arrival for your parcel with real maps.

  • Schedule Delivery

    Schedule Delivery

    Ask delivery of parcels at your convenience with the option of reschedule.

  • Re-Order


    Have convenience to order the same item or multiple with a single tap.

  • Review & Rating

    Review & Rating

    Facility to share feedback of the order and service over the app.

Customer App

Admin Panel

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard


    Have access to all your functions and tabs on a single screen for easy dealing.

  • Assign Order

    Assign Order

    Get the whole view of placed and delivered orders and choose to assign them as per convenience.

  • Manage Customers

    Manage Customers

    Get access to manage and learn information about customers through app.

  • Multiple Vendors

    Multiple Vendors

    Deal with all vendors and business handling through the app portal.

  • Manage Advertisement

    Manage Advertisement

    Tell your business associates under what schemes they can collaborate for more business with push notifications

  • Manage Payments

    Manage Payments

    Manage your revenue inflows and outflows with ease.

  • Manage Notifications

    Manage Notifications

    Get track of every activity and manage alerts as per the personal priority.

  • Report & Analytics

    Report & Analytics

    Get figures and detailed reports of revenues and incomes of chosen time frames.

Admin Panel

Get your Branded Food Delivery Application. Own the Entire Source Code

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Delivery App

Delivery Agent App

Delivery Agent App

  • Driver’s Dashboard

    Driver’s Dashboard

    Get notifications and learn about the details of the parcel to be delivered with address and payment.

  • Route Optimization

    Route Optimization

    Map navigation to deliver the parcel from the shortest route.

  • Profile Management

    Profile Management

    Drivers can update their bio and personal information on the app.

  • Live Chat

    Live Chat

    Facility to communicate directly from the customer to get former’s instructions right.

  • View Earnings

    View Earnings

    Track on daily earnings with respect to number of deliveries performed.

  • Work Status

    Work Status

    Super easy way to show availability for taking orders with simple status

  • Delivery History

    Delivery History

    Have a record of past deliveries performed for self tracking.

  • Accept/Reject Delivery

    Accept/Reject Delivery

    Confirmation for roping the parcel by customer’s end for security.

Delivery App

Merchant Panel

Merchant Panel

  • Sign-up


    Simply sign up with a phone number, email address or through social media platforms.

  • Profile Setup

    Profile Setup

    Can fill their bio and personal information song with business dealing nature on the app.

  • Account Verification

    Account Verification

    Get OTPs and links to authenticate the real person existence on the app with easy document uploads.

  • Document Verification

    Document Verification

    Upload online with camera of drive and get them verified there and then add.

  • Add Products

    Add Products

    List the product you wish to deal in easily.

  • Coupons


    The continuous push notification for other dealer’s attention with offer messages.

  • Online – Offline Mode

    Online – Offline Mode

    Super easy way to show availability for taking orders with simple status

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    Fill and record in tables done automatedly of the products with order requests.

Vendor Panel

Our Awesome Features Include

  • Easy Order Placement

    Easy Order Placement

    Make your customers comfortable with easy access to menu and order placement in a single tap through simple app navigation.

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking

    Real-Time GPS Tracking

    Get the orders route optimized with display of geographical route and ETA for both customer and delivery executive.

  • Push Notifications

    Push Notifications

    Never lose a potential customer. Get immediate notifications of order. Also, have a facility to send alerts to customers about food orders.

  • Easy Payment Options

    Easy Payment Options

    Generate revenues easily with payment gateways. Allow payments through cards and wallets for ease of customer.

  •  Reviews & Ratings

    Reviews & Ratings

    Make your app customer friendly. Provide options to share their feedback, rate the order and delivery service post order.

  • Discount/Rewards


    Tempt your customer to order with promo codes or discounts. Get an integrated calculator at backend to calculate discounts post order.

Why choose us

Best Food delivery app development company for streamlined workflow and operations.

  • No Coding Required

  • Readymade Solution

  • Fully Scalable Solution

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